3 Signs your Car is Prone to Breaking Down

Vehicles have become a fabric of our day-to-day living. Convenience is the term that best suits their impact in the activities of the owner and his/her family. To continue enjoying the handiness of one’s car, a cost has to be paid, and that is regular servicing in an effort to maintain its health. However as time goes by and the vehicle ages,scheduled trips to your mechanic would not entirely prevent the vehicle from breaking down. If this happens quite often, there is a risk one poses to themselves as well as other road users.

There is a direct correlation between accidents and vehicle breakdown. In such a situation, it is advisable to have your car checked when there is an unusual change in the driving experience, or other indicators do pop up. It simple makes sense to park your car and take public transport or other means to travel in such situations to avoid any mishap. Below are three of these signs to look out for.

Dashboard Screen Indicators Going On

As part of their duty in ensuring safety first, manufacturers fit their vehicles with sensors to alert the user of any issues the car is experiencing. That being the case, the owner needs to check out on the dashboard screen, for the following, as possible warning signs. They range from a continuous show of the check-engine light, the anti-braking system (ABS) warning light and the overheating indicator. All these are not to be ignored, and once you spot any of them, it is time to pay your vehicle’s mechanic a visit.

Vehicle Vibrations While Driving

At times, the sensors might not give the alert sign. When in such a situation, you will need to become one with your vehicle by feeling and gauging the driving experience on the road. You may end up noticing excessive vibrations and consider it as an uncomfortable driving experience. However, as much as this is the case, it is considered as a tale-tell symptom of a vehicle that is about to break down. In such a case, there could be several issues behind it all, some of them including brake calipers being stuck, off tire alignments and balancing or in other instances, the brake rotors could be damaged. There is no one-size-fits-all reason behind the vibrations, and so it would be a good idea to see a mechanic to solve this.

Squealing Sound While Decelerating

The third sign is brake related. A compromise on the braking system is a compromise of the first line of protection that is why the importance of a perfectly working brake system, cannot be overstated. A failing system produces a squealing or a grinding sound while decelerating. This is a sign that the brake pads are worn out, or the entire braking system needs servicing. Ignoring this could lead to a complete malfunction, and this is an accident waiting to happen. The signs are not limited to the ones above, but they all read from the same script, do not ignore any pointers by your vehicle. Doing this is a contribution in ensuring all lives on our roads are protected.