3 Useful Tips For Wedding Singers

There is no better feeling in this world than being able to make a living out of what you love. And music, sometimes, provides you with the perfect means to become great on your own, no matter if you choose to sing for large crowds, on small parties, at conventions or even weddings. And why not choose to become a wedding singer? The crowd is quite easy to please, you will mainly work during the wedding season, most of the week you will be off and only sing in weekends and be able to raise an important sum of money in a quite small amount of time. Nevertheless, you need to follow these tips to make sure your singing experience is beneficial both for you and the married couple:

Remember who you’re singing for

A good wedding singer should also take on the lead of becoming the night’s MC, meaning he is not only attending his own live moment but looks after the whole atmosphere. This means you should constantly interact with the crowd, see what they would want to listen to and make sure everyone gets their requests, one way or another. If the grooms don’t know what to expect or where to start from, offer yourself for suggestions. Offer them a list of popular wedding songs and work around their tastes in music, as well as within the age of those attending the venue. This is also a great opportunity to include some of your own repertoire songs but make sure to always take into consideration the needs and wishes of the marrying couple.

Make yourself available, both online and offline

Have business cards printed and promote yourself through your social media platforms and personal website. A good example in this case can be seen here, http://www.theweddingsinger.uk.com/. The website should include your contact info, as well as small samples, videos and photos from your recent gigs. Make yourself more trustworthy by including a testimonial area and ask all your friends or former employers to write down their impressions regarding your singing skills.

Meet the newlyweds before the event

It is important to have at least a one hour chat with the couple you will be performing for before the event. Meet your employers, talk to them a little bit and see what they prefer. This will help you all bond and create a pleasant, warm and beautiful atmosphere. It is highly important to connect with your crowd and what better way to start doing that if not by knowing a little bit from the couple’s love story?