6 Clever Online Shopping Tips You Must Know

5 Clever Online Shopping Tips You Must Know

It’s great that we can shop online these days. Something totally unimaginable just twenty years ago but today everything can be ordered online, heck they can even bring your groceries to your front door so there’s no reason to get out of your home at all if you’re one of those people šŸ˜‰

Still, there are a few things you want to watch out for as not everyone has the best intentions and credit card fraud, and ID theft are real and become more threatening by the day so that provides us with tip number one:

Make sure your connection is secure

You can easily see this by looking at the URL in your browser bar as it will show if the site has an SSL certificate installed or not if all is good it should light up in green and the URL should have the letters https:// in front of it.

Don’t order from complete strangers

Online shopping can be like buying stuff from complete strangers that you walk into on the streets. When that happens you’re always cautious, would it be stolen, or does it have certain defects or is this person trying to rob me as soon as I pull my wallet? You should apply the same cautiousnessĀ when you shop online.

Read the terms and conditions in full

Most people don’t really bother with this but if it’s an electronic or other fragile product you want to make sure there is a warranty included and a shipping address clearly visible on the site so you know where to return your product in case something goes wrong.

Don’t provide more information than necessary

If a company starts to add all kind of personal questions then the first thing you should do is abandon the shopping cart, close your browser tab, and clear your cache and cookies so that they aren’t able to retarget you. You never know the motivation behind certainĀ things but if you buy something all they need to know is your address, name and credit card number and nothing more than that.

If it sounds too good to be true

It always is, no one is selling products at a loss and that’s what those too good to be true deals look like, no exceptions. Unless it’s some rest-stock at Black Friday I would be very cautious with these deals as your money and you could soon be parted.

Use review sites

Sites like selectedbest.info are an affiliate of large vendors, and if they think one of their partners is unreliable they remove the links in an instant so this is a good way to automatically apply some double checking to avoid shopping disasters.