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Labour Party Pakistan starts Inkaar Tehreek (No Movement)

People of Lahore not to pay the new bus fares

Despite heavy raining, LPP activists gathered in front of a private bus stand at Railway Station Lahore area to protest the recent raise in Lahore bus fares. They appealed to the people of Lahore not to pay the revised bus fares. They demanded an immediate withdrawal of the increased oil prices. Many travelers joined the very live demonstration and agreed with the demand.... more




MQM PPP alliance once again: no dignity in politics

By: Farooq Tariq (19\07\2011)

Perhaps never in history of political alliances, such U turns would have been witnessed as we see now with MQM returning to the government in Sindh.  The joining of MQM once again into the alliance makes politics of the rich a shaggy dog story. One should weep, cry or laugh is now a matter to decide for everyone.

President Zardari and Altaf Hussain are now the most indecisive politicians in Pakistan. They can do anything any time without taking care of any values, morality, ethics, decency, decorum or principles. The only consideration for them is lust for power.

One cannot forget the shouting of Altaf Hussain and his cronies making tall claims of leaving the government for good and that this the beginning of the end of this PPP government. The MQM leadership spoke about corruption, malpractices, dishonesty, fraudulence, deceitfulness and feudal character of PPP leadership.

Few days of PPP government treatment of MQM as opposition in real terms forced MQM to come back. Meaning of being in opposition in Pakistan is what we have seen during the last few days in Karachi and other parts of Sindh. Shifting of MQM prisoners to far off places, strikes calls on hard hitting criticisms in words, target killing of ordinary Pushtoons and Urdu speaking population, cutting of telephone lines and a barrage of propaganda  of lies and distortions are some of the tactics used by both side during the eventful week of Sind politics.

PPP leadership has become one of worst hypocrites. They have learned the art of two-facedness to doctorate level. President Zardari has created new examples of unprincipled politics. For them it does not matter what you said yesterday and what you did few hours before.

It is crisis of leadership at an extreme level. The capitalist feudal politicians are showing their worst at best. The crisis of present PPP leadership is manifested at all level. The political crisis is manifestation of the economic crisis. The strikes in Karachi, often called on the mis-name of “day of mourning” have left the economy in great shuffle. PPP government sees no other way apart from bowing down to the blackmailing tactics of the MQM, a party with clear fascist trends.

The PPP leadership in Sindh has become a laughing stuff. One day they make a very hard hitting criticism of MQM, largely correct in essence, next apologies in public. They have no dignity any more. They are like vulgar street fighter whose only power is if the opponent is afraid of his hard words otherwise they will give in and run away.

MQM rise in Karachi and other parts of Sindh is a problem, a problem for all progressive forces. MQM has divided the working class politics on sectarian linguistic lines. It has used classical fascist trends on several occasions. Silencing the opposite with physical force is one of the main manifestations of fascism. MQM have done that during its 27 years of existence several times. It has used blackmailing tactics on all times. The last few days were one living example of this expression.

The way PPP is treating MQM is not correct. It brought them into its fold in a mis-hope of exposing its power base. Perhaps opposite is taking place. Fascism has to be confronted in political manner. An alternative economic and political programme has to be presented. The empowering of the working class is one main strategy. However, PPP policies in line with dictation of IMF and World Bank are taking the power of the working back from them. The policies are weakening the masses.

Look at the attitude of PPP government to the striking workers of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC). Promise after promise has been made to them for reinstatement or even nationalizing KESC. Nothing in practices has been done. On the contrary, the relatives of MQM and PPP leaders are enjoying the perks of the KESC after getting top jobs at this privatized institution.

MQM is representing a section of ruling class in Pakistan with very conservative views. PPP represent another major section of the ruling class in Pakistan with more feudal character. MQM sloganeering of revolution in other parts of Pakistan will come to an end. The forcing of PPP leadership to hand over two “Azad Kashmir” assembly seats to MQM is one of the concessions that MQM has got from PPP leadership. What are the other in the bag, has still to be seen.

A real alternative political power based on labour movement has to be built to counter this hatred political maneuvering of PPP and MQM. There is no gain in allying oneself among the two. The apologists of PPP leadership will be in difficult position to find arguments to justify this new turn apart from the “national interest and peace”. MQM has already been in hard position to validate their U turn with most “corrupt” government. The “peace and national interest” will not be of a permanent nature with this new turn, it will create new environment of conflicts and civil war like situation in near future. New contradiction will develop and there will more bloodshed than what we have seen now.

“Baghal main Chori and mohn main Raaam Raam”

We do not have to just curse what is happening but to be part of the alternative movement that is going on in various forms all over Sindh and Pakistan.





Mazdoor Jeddojuhd
Labour Education Foundation
 Women Workers HelpLine

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