Labour Party Pakistan delegation visited the European Parliament on the invitation of United Left Group and Nordic Green group of the parliament. Here are some pictures of the session they addressed on 29th january at Brussels.



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Afghan Workers Solidarity Campaign first Consignment in Pictures



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LPP peace rally started with red flags and banners demanding the American imperialism to stop the war. Over a 1000 participated in the rally. Over 200 activists were stopped on different road of Lahore, as police has already sealed many main roads on the eve of the general strike called by the religious fundamentalists. 


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Faiz Peace Mela was held on Saturday 21st April, 7pm at Open Air Theater Bagh-i-Jennah Lahore.



Saleema Hashmi(the daughter of Faiz)and his husband Shoaib Hashmi

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LPP general secretary Farooq Tariq was warmly received by hundreds of LPP supporters outside Kot Lakhpat Jail on 27th March 2001

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