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27-11-2020 By: Shoaib Bhatti

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needs you support on urgent basis

New information about quick transmission of donations to Pakistan Hundreds of ordinary people of Lahore have donated generously to the Afghan Workers Solidarity Campaign. AWSC was launched last week by several international working class organizations. LPP is a part of the Campaign and its supporters across Pakistan are collecting cloths, blankets, quilts, jumpers and other cloth items. They are also collecting dry food items and medicines as well. Camps were set up this Sunday at different part of Lahore where hundreds of people have brought every day used items for the Afghan workers. Announcements were made by the mosques appealing people to bring their items in the camps. It is interesting to note that several religious fanatics organizations have also set up camps but it seems that they do not have the success in collecting items as LPP have done.

LPP have now engaged several families to press the cloths and pack them in bags. They will be paid a very nominal cost for pressing over 5000 traditional suits so for collected. The 5000 target is already achieved and many other areas than Lahore have just started collecting the used items.We plan to send the first truck load of items before the Eid that is 14th of December 2001. We want these items to be distributed before the Eid. So many Afghan families of the workers could also celebrate the holy day of Eid. 

What we need now We need to buy the blankets and quilts that is most needed in winter. We could not collect many, as many workers will have not any spare of these items at homes. We can buy these from the second hand market of Lahore where is available quit cheaply. We plan to buy at least 4000 blankets, as we would be delivering clothes and blanket to at least 5000 families. The 4000 would cost at least 250,000 Rupees. That is roughly $ 4200. Then we need another $ 800 for the transport cost. So to deliver the items collected and the items we plan to buy need at least $5000 more to be collected.

This is an appeal to all the affiliate organizations and supporters of this campaign to send us immediately an amount possible to the campaign. All the affiliates are expected to send at least $300 each immediately. The total cost of items collected by LPP could reach to $2000 so for. LPP do not have any cash in hand to send these items. Please raise the issue in your organizations and take emergency measure as we have only 14 days to go.

Please hurry up,

In Solidarity,

Shoaib Bhatti 

Organizer AWSC



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