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AWSC is organizing a seminar on 11th March at Lahore Press Club on the theme of "Afghanistan: after Talban, a progressive point of view". The seminar will start at 3pm. 

Speakers include Adil, central leader of Afghan Labour revolutionary Organization, Noor, a central leader of Afghanistan Left Radical Party, Nighat Saeed of Institute of Women Studies, a well known women rights activists, Suhail Warraich of Shirkat Gah, a social organization working on women and human rights, Farooq Tariq general secretary Labour Party Pakistan. 

AWSC also decided in a meeting yesterday at Lahore to support the efforts of left unity of different Afghanistan progressive parties. It also decided to help start a regular office of Afghan Labour Revolutionary Organization with all the office equipments. It also decided to give monthly support to ALRO to run its office for a certain period. It also decided to support the publications of Voice of Labour, a magazine of Afghan Left on regular basis. AWSC decided to support the publications of different leaflets of different Afghan groups. 

The international support for the AWSC made it possible to take these decisive measures to promote the alternative working class views in Afghanistan. Although most of the activities that will be supported in the near future is based for exile groups of Afghan Left, but the effects of these measures will be immense in terms of promoting a working class views. 

I hope that you will continue your support for this campaign in future as well. Please raise the issue among the trade union and social movement for the formal affiliation to this campaign. 

Those organizations affiliated with the AWSC who have not yet paid their affiliation fee, please do so immediately.

here is updated list of all the affiliates. If the name of your organization is not in the list, please contact us immodestly,
tic socialist Pakistan


Sponsor the AWSC formally by paying the initial amount of $ 300 for the organizations and $100 FOR THE INDIVIDUALS.

List of organizations and individuals who have sponsored AWSC 

  1. All Pakistan PASSCO Employees Union (CBA)

  2. Pervez Hoodbhoy Islamabad, Pakistan (a very much respected peace activists) 

  3. Asma Jehangir, former chairperson of Human Rights Commission Of Pakistan has also appriciated the campaign and has send donation for the campaign. 

  4. Anti-War Project of COM-NET Japan, Diichi Kangyo Bank Tsurumi Branch 

  5. ( is an independent, pro-labor, pro-Labor Party web site in Kansas City USA).

  6. Organizational SOLIDARITY - USA 

  7. Individual) Dianne Feeley, editor, Against the Current (USA) 

  8. Glasgow North Hospitals branch of UNISON (Scotland) 

  9. Labor Notes Newsletter (USA) 

  10. George Maniatis (Greece) 

  11. The Anti-Imperialist Coalition in Auckland, New Zealand 

  12. Socialist Alliance in Australia, 

  13. Socialist Initiative/Socialist League - Was Tun (Germany) 

  14. Workers Solidarity Pakistan (Germany) 

  15. Labour Party Pakistan 

  16. Scottish Socialist Party 

  17. Women Workers Help Line Lahore 

  18. Pakistan Afghan Labour Revolutionary Organization 

  19. All Pakistan Para Medical Staff Federation Pakistan 

  20. Printing and Graphic Workers Union 

  21. All Pakistan Bhatta Mazdoor Federation 

  22. Pakistan Railway Workers Union (democratic group) 

  23. Itehad Workers Union Carpet Industries Pakistan 

  24. Democratic Socialist Party of Australia 

  25. Labour Militant Voice of USA 

  26. Internationalism Editing Group Japan 

  27. Workers Democracy Network USA 

  28. Council of Human Needs USA 

  29. Workers International Unity (UIT), all the sections affiliated with this International also have decided to affiliate with AWSC 

  30. Asia Pacific Institute for Democratisation and Development Australia 

  31. Olof Palme International Center I-Fund (Sweden) 

  32. Left Radical of Afghanistan 

  33. Anti-War Project of COM-NET Japan 

  34. Workers Foundation of Iran 

  35. Silla vriesma (Netherlands) 

  36. Developing Countries Research Centre, Delhi University (India) 

  37. Japan Revolutionary Communist League Japan 

  38. Revolutionary Communist League France 

  39. Revolutionary Socialist Party Germany 

  40. International Soccialist League Germany 

  41. International Socialist Group UK 

  42. Parti de la Démocratie Socialiste (Québec)

In Solidarity,

Shoaib Bhatti,



LPP (For a democratic socialist Pakistan)

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