Four Anjuman Muzareen Punjab (Tenants Association Punjab or AMP) leaders, were arested by the Okara Police on 2 April 2003, on their way to a meeting with a local organization in Lahore. Younis Iqbal, Chairman, Dr. Christopher John, General Secretary, Sajid Baluch, a newly elected member of National Committee of Labour Party Pakistan and Fahim Khan were charged under sections 186, 353 and 216-A/34 of the Pakistan Penal Code after 12 days in police custody. Initially the Lahore Deputy Inspector General of Police had denied any knowledge of the whereabouts of the missing men.

Before formal charges were laid, the families of the arrested leaders, and also later the tenants of Okara Military Farms, were threatened and urged to compel the AMP leaders to withdraw their claim for land ownership rights. On 13 April, Chairman Younis Iqbal, accompanied by a Member of the Provincial Assembly from the ruling Party and his bodyguards, was presented at the farms, where he urged tenants to withdraw their demands for land ownership, and to accept an official package offering substitute lands and a 7-year lease. When the tenants refused to give up their fight, Younis Iqbal was reportedly taken away again by his companions.

The AMP represents thousands of tenant farmers at the government owned agricultural farms, including military farms. In the last two years six activists of the AMP have been killed in a struggle for ownership rights to the land that they have cultivated for over 100 years. Hundreds have been arrested [see UA020806(8) and SUA020903(10)] and these arrests appear to be part of a pattern of harassment of tenents and their families.

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