Journalists launch a counter attack against media bosses 

By: Amir Suhail 28-12-2020

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Member Punjab Union of Journalist 
Secretary information Labour Party Pakistan Lahore 

Punjab Union Of journalists has started a counter attack against the media bosses campaign against Wage Board decision to increase the wages. All the main newspapers of Pakistan printed this week front-page advertisement against the decision of the government sponsored Wage Board Award for the journalists to raise the wages by at least 50 percent. A former justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan headed the wage board. 

The newspapers bosses accused the Board to destroy the newspapers industry by increasing the wages at a time when there was a swear economic crises in Pakistan. Bosses used the occasion after the 11th September events to go for this all out offence against the journalists. 

The Punjab Union of Journalist in its poster campaign demanded the government to nationalize all those newspapers that claim to be in losses. They said that the wages has not been increased for five years while in these years over 50 billions Rupees have been the profit of these bosses. 

They said that the All Pakistan Newspapers Society, the main body of the media bosses, want to deprive the journalists from their every day earnings enough only for a day's food. They demanded from the government that all the government advertisements should be linked to the implementation of the Wage Board Award to the journalists. 

The PUJ, the main progressive trade union representing the Punjab journalists, demanded that government should collect all the taxes from the media bosses. They demanded that government should inquire about the wealth of those media bosses who are now crying for the economic crisis. They demanded that the Government Information departments should kick out all the agents and touts of the media bosses. They also demanded National Accountability Beauru should investigate the hidden assets of the media bosses, which have been built up outside Pakistan as well. 

In a leafle, printed by the PUJ, general secretary of PUJ, Mohammed Akram condemned the advertisement campaign of the bosses against the journalists and termed it as an act of treason. He said the PUJ executive Council have passed a resolution to audit the circulation of all the newspapers by an independent commission. The government should take back all the concessions from the bosses that have been taken by them by blackmailing the government. 

They warned the government that the journalists would not just sit down and wait for the owners of newspapers to spread false claims. They will organize public meetings and protest campaigns. They will continue their struggle until they active a victory. 

The Labour Party Pakistan have extended full support for the cause of the journalist and have pleaded to struggle shoulder to shoulder with the journalists. In a press statement, Farooq Tariq, general secretary Labour Party Pakistan said that the media bosses are the most rich of Pakistan. They are using dirty tactics to influence the government not to force the media bosses to implement the Wage Board Award. 

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