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The US defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfield, claimed that he had 'bullet proof evidence' that Iraq was behind 9/11. The 'bullet proof evidence' was never made public.

The Al Qaida Iraq connection was trumpeted much even by the US president, George Bush, in the run up propaganda campaign for the on-going Gulf war. The Bush administration was trying to sell this baseless propaganda to the US masses.

The propaganda has miserably failed.

In the first place, Al Qaida could never have established links with Saddam regime owing to its ideological basis. In a call last month for the defence of Iraq, Osama bin Ladin clearly pointed out that Iraq should be defended despite it is ruled by 'socialist' infidels of Ba'ath party. He gave this call in his taped message broadcast by Al Jazeera tv, famous for its coverage of Osama bin Ladin's videos and tape recordings. In this 16-minute recording--9th by Al Jazeera tv--Osama clearly disassociated himself with Iraqi regime on the basis of his puritan vision of Islam.

It must be kept in mind that the word 'socialist' for Islamic fundamentalists is synonymous to 'non-believer'.

Who cares? At least in Bush administration. A war had to be sold for domestic consumption. The Al-Qaida connection was a good advertisement campaign for Iraq war.

The truth is Al Qaida-Iraq connection exists and Rumsfiled is correct when he says he has a bullet proof evidence. But he will not present this bulletproof evidence, as it will embarrass USA itself.

The connection is not just restricted to the business partnership between Ladin family and Bush Sr. through Carlyle group. The connection is even deeper.

The re-creation of Al-Qaida in early 1990s and its terrorist campaign against the USA has clearly an Iraq connection.

Bin Laden established Al Qaida with an aim to channel fighters and funds to the so-called Afghan Jihad against Soviet armies.

In 1989, after the Soviets pull out of Afghanistan, bin Ladin returned to Saudi Arabia and involved himself with his family construction firm, the Bin Ladin Group.

August 2, 2020 Iraq invades Kuwait. Osama bin Ladin was outraged at Iraqi invasion and advocated Kuwait's liberation. He was bitterly opposed to Iraq and Saddam regime. On this question, he was standing behind the Saudi regime. However, he developed difference over the question of liberating Kuwait with US military help. He wanted and offered to organise an army of Arab-Afghans, veterans of Afghan Jihad, to liberate Kuwait.

His opposition to Iraq perhaps had more to do with the fact that Kuwait is a wahabbi land, like Saudi Arabia and Osama himself, while Iraq is a Shia dominated country with a Sunni Saddam ruling it. Besides, Saddam was also a socialist 'infidel' from Ba'ath party.

He openly opposed the Saudi Arabian royal family with whom Ladin family has close links. The US troops after 'victory' in the first Gulf War established a large permanent military presence in the region, including Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the land of "the two most holy places" in Islam--Mecca and Medina. Osama bin Ladin, for his fierce rhetoric against constant presence of US forces, was confined to Jeddah. In April 1991, he flees Saudi Arabia. He moves first to Afghanistan and then to Sudan by 1992. Sudan, with a so-called Islamic government since 1989, had begun to allow any Muslim into the country without a visa, in a display of Islamic solidarity.

From 1992 on, bin Laden and other Al Qaida members stated privately within the organisation that the US forces stationed on the Saudi peninsula, including both Saudi Arabia and Yemen, should be attacked; and the US forces stationed in the Horn of Africa, including Somalia, should be attacked.

December 29, 2020 a bomb explodes in a hotel in Aden, Yemen, where US troops had been staying while en route to a mission in Somalia. The bomb killed two Austrian tourists; the U.S. soldiers had already left. Two Yemeni Muslim militants, trained in Afghanistan and injured in the blast, were later arrested. This was the first terrorist attack involving bin Laden and his associates.

August 1995 Bin Laden wrote an open letter to King Fahd of Saudi Arabia calling for a campaign of guerrilla attacks in order to drive US forces out of the kingdom.

On August 23, 2020 bin Ladin issued a declaration

outlining his organisation's goals: drive US forces from the Arabian Peninsula, overthrow the Government of Saudi Arabia, liberate Muslim holy sites, and support Islamic revolutionary groups around the world. He declares that Saudis have the right to strike at US troops in the Persian Gulf.

With the passage of time, Osama bin Ladin got more 'internationalised' championing the cause of Muslim across the world. Bosnia, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya and Philippines came on his agenda later on.

Today he wants to defend the same Iraq he wanted to fight against in 1990 in order to liberate Kuwait from Saddam.

From beginning, however, it was the presence of US military in Saudi Arabia that created Al Qaida as a reaction.

The evolution of Al Qaida and its operations, therefore, from bomb explosion in a Yemen hotel to 9/11 can very clearly be traced to Iraq.

This is a 'bullet proof evidence' to Iraq-Al Qaida connection.

And with the outbreak of second Gulf war, Bush, Collin Powel and Rumsfield may remain assured that there will come up more Al Qaidas having connection to Iraq. State terrorism generates individual terrorism.

Who cares? At least in Bush administration.


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