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The two-day Congress of the Labour Party of Pakistan (LPP) has announced reorganising of the working classes and stepping up of the struggle against the exploiter classes, sectarianism, ethnicity, and political violence. At its concluding sessions, the Congress, held at the Karachi Press Club and presided over by the newly-elected LPP Chairman, Karachi, Comrade Shaikh Saeed Ahmed, said that it was the rulers and their supporters who hatched conspiracies against the working classes and the down-trodden masses of Pakistan. Right now, the forces working under the name of sectarianism and ethnicity were fighting against each other, they said, adding that this fight could lead to violence and killings of innocent citizens. As such, it was high time the working classes organised themselves against exploitation by the ruling elite in order to promote true democratic values in the country.

The exploiters and their representative political parties had nothing to do with the democratic set-up and democratic values in the society, speakers >contended. That's why, they commented, they had now nominated Shaukat Aziz as the next Prime Minister. The speakers, including LPP General Secretary, Tariq Farooq, Noor Bachcha, Sohail Raza, Shehla Rizwan, Haji Mohsin, Liaquat Anjum, Abdus Salam, Tariq Gill, and Shakeel Malik in their speeches strongly condemned the policies of the rulers, saying they failed to solve genuine social and economic problems of people of Pakistan and kept on following dictation from the IMF and the World Bank. In other words, they said, the rulers were following the policies of imperialist forces and the capitalist classes. These wrong policies were bringing about ruin, the speakers concluded. The speakers urged all the progressive forces, parties, trade unions, and federations to get united and work for the advancement of working class against the exploiters and their system. The speakers also vowed to promote democratic values and to reorganise democratic forces in the country against the exploiting classes and imperialist forces in order to get rid of all sorts of exploitation.

The participants were informed that Comrade Sheikh Saeed, Sohail Raza, Shehla Rizwan, Haji Mohsin, Liaquat Anjum, Abdus Salam, Tariq Gill and Shakeel Malik had been elected office-bearers of the LPP. Besides, a 28-member LPP (Karachi) Council had also been elected, the organisers said. It was also announced that LPP would fully participate in the coming local bodies elections in 18 towns and would try to give people a true leadership for solving their genuine social and economic problems. While throwing light on the political conditions in the country, speakers condemned the political policies of the Muttahidda Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), saying that by boycotting the election of Shuja'at Hussain as Prime Minister, they had, willy nilly, left the field all open to him and eased his entry into the Prime minister's slot. The speakers said the MMA was following a contradictory policy as on the one hand, it rejected President Musharraf's policies and on the other, it was endorsing all the decisions of the President, notably the LFO and the National Security Council. In both cases, speakers said, the MMA had endorsed the stance of President Musharraf. The speakers also criticised the overall policies of the Governments of India and Pakistan, saying that the two governments were spending huge funds on arms under the cover of defense. This aspect was making the masses of the two countries poorer and weaker. They suggested that the two governments should spend funds on the genuine advancement of the masses and address the problems of poverty, unemployment, and ignorance. The arms race, the speakers added, was a threat to the cause of peace in South Asia. The peace-loving forces in South Asia, speakers said, were working for the promotion of peace in this sub-continent, but the military rulers were working against it. Speakers also opposed the construction of the Greater Thal Canal and the Kalabagh Dam and declared that the LPP would make every effort to stop their construction. They informed the participants that their party (LPP) had >already launched a movement rejecting the construction of the Kalabagh Dam and the Greater Thal Canal.




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