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Hundred Thousand Feared Dead. Tariq Ali At Labour Relief Camp
By Farooq Sulehria

October 13-Death toll may cross hundred thousand according to accounts I have got from LPP comradees in the area while a newspaper report fears the same number. Report is given below. LPP relief camp has dipatched two trucks and plans another tomorrow (Thursday). Tariq Ali, presently in Pakistan, visited LPP relief camp. See report below. Working class people are generously contributing while governments inefficiency is provoking people all across the country. Those who want to see some tv footage may visit the site of a private tv channel. GEO:

International media as well as Pakistani media has not yet been able to reach far flung but worst hit areas. Media are concentrating on Islamabad and Muzaffarabad since its easy to reach there and in the night you can stay in a nice hotel.

A PERSONAL NOTE: I talked to my family re my missing cousin. He himself and his family were recovered from rubbles. The only people to survive in whole military hospital building in Muzafarabad. My father is so moved, he told me he was leaving for Muzafarabad with whatever bank savings he has and would go there to help the affectees.
Tariq Ali speak at Labour Relief Camp in Lahore

Renowned Left activist and writer Tariq Ali visited the Labour relief camp at regal Chouk this afternoon. Speaking at occasion, he said that most of the foreign aid normally are eaten up by the corrupt bureaucracy and official. Not even 10 percent of such aid reaches to the relevant people. We fear this could happen when foreign aid is coming to Pakistan after the recent earthquake.

He criticized the builders of tall towers and suggested that no building in countries like Pakistan who are at high risk should have more than three stories. He said the whole of the international and local media had focused to a tower which had fallen in Islamabad while ignoring the rest of the effected areas.

Tariq Ali said that shocks of the earthquake are felt by ordinary people even before the earthquake in poor countries like Pakistan in the shape of poverty and unemployment. This earthquake has worsened their situation.

Tariq Ali appreciated the Labour relief camp work and urged the other groups to follow the example.

Later he was present at the time of the departure of the second truck load of good leaving for Balakot area.

On third day of the camp, another 55000 Rupees ($1000) were raised from the passerby’s in cash and another 250,000 Rupees ($4500) in shape of goods. It included 820 Kafan (the cloths to cover the bodies) 500 plastic feeders for children and other food stuff including dry and packed milk, sugar, tea, blanket and medicines.
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