Jamali Resigns
by Farooq Tariq

The prime minister of Pakistan Zafar Ullah Jamali resigned on June 22. His resignation is a bad news for the working class of Pakistan. The political changes today show that Musharaf regime desires to implement the new liberal agenda at a much faster speed. To accelerate this process a plan is been charted out to bring Shoukat Aziz as new prime minister. He could not take the office straight away, as he is not yet the "elected" member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. He is at present member of the Senate.

In the meantime, Choudry Shujaat has taken over the post of prime ministership for an interim period. Shoukat Aziz' nomination is a replica copy of the political changes in India. He is an economic reply of the ruling class of Pakistan to Man Mohan Singh, the Indian prime minister. Shoukat Aziz has been hailed by the capitalist economists as the crusader of the Pakistan recent "economic growth". Like India, the so-called economic growth has not touched the lives of the
working people of Pakistan in any better sense.

Bringing of Shoukat Aziz in place of Jamali is also part of the preparations of the WTO full fledge arrival next year. The General Musharaf regime has an illusion that an economist prime minister can show miracles after
the opening of the World market next year particularly in the field of textiles.

He may spearhead to an unprecedented economic growth in future, according to the miscalculations of the Musharaf regime. Shoukat Aziz will try to accelerate the process of privatization and deregulations. He will try to fulfill the total conditionality of the imperialist institutions. He will put Pakistan on sale on the cheap
prices no one else can match.

Shoukat Aziz nominations are to please the IMF, World Bank and WTO vicious regimes. It is political preparations after the probable defeat of President Bush in November 2004 Americas presidential elections. General
Musharaf wants to go to any length to please the imperialist institutions to prolong his power period. He will not succeed in that. Like Jamali, it is possible that Musharaf will go long before 2007, the year he must have new
elections for the president. The reason is very simple. Shoukat Aziz like Jamali will not be able to link the human development with the so-called economic development. That is against their philosophy. Shoukat Aziz will be
here to please the capitalists and feudal lords. He will be no better friend than Jamali of the working class.

It is another bad news for all of us. It will not make any better for us until we do some thing. We must do something. That is to bring an alternative political and economical agenda that that of Shoukat Aziz.
We must expose the real nature of the capitalist system.

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