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    salute to comrade Asim!

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Comrade Asim Akhund member national committee LPP died

Comrade Asim Akwand is no moor with us but we feel his non presence in our deep heart and mind. He was really dedicating and committed Marxist of present time. We can not cover his death loss. There is a grate tribute to Asim in Sindhi electronic and print media due to his intellectual, political, and social contribution for left movement. As a youth secretary of Labour Party Pakistan he had a program to revive the left student

Movement in all over the country, He was writing a detail document on present prospective of student politics. Last time when I called him he said, sorry comrade

I am not well, when I will recover then must write draft on youth. I didn’t called him to asked about draft but only about his health but he was not thinking about his health, he

Was thinking about his commitment with ideology. The intellectual, political and social

Contribution of Asim will always be part of our movement. We can not forget him.


Nisar Shah

General Secetary'

Labour Party Pakistan.

salute to comrade Asim!
It is horribly sad news, a great loss to LPP and to all those who are enganged in revolutionary struggle. It is very painful to asume  comrade Asim is no more. I talked to him after his first surgery, a month ago. Though his voice was feeble but determined to fight the heart attack. He was recovering , he told me. Alas, he could not make it. Red salute to him
I first met Asim in Hyderabad in his home town one year ago. He was impressive, enganging and a loving personality. We were also together in Srilanaka, this January at South Asian Workshop on debt.  He made valuable contributions to the debates and left imprint on the mermories of all the participants. We were roomate during our five-day stay in Andiambalmba. I found him a loving person. down to earth, space-giving, caring and a strong believer of sharing.
During the short time we spent together, Asim has shown himself a camarade of great value to the revolutionary cause, a very understanding and placid man, brave, corageous.  His enthusim and romance with revolution earned lot of repect from participating comrades. I still remeber the great political debates, that took place outside the hostel in Andiambalamba till late night, involving me Sushuvan and Asim.

He was a valuable man and unforgettable comrade that will be missed.

Camarade Asim, present!

Now and always.
in mourning,
Abdul Khaliq


Yes we all are shocked to hear this bad news, in fact we published a note in MJ that now he is out of danger and recovering.  It is a great loss which never can fulfill.
In mourning,

Talat Rubab

Shocked to hear that our dear, sweet comrade Asim Akhund died today.

I am speechless. I met him once, during NC. Was indeed impressive with his mild manners and intellectual clarity.

A great loss for MJ; LPP amd Marxist movement.

In mourning,

Farooq Sulehria

Deepest sympathy with his family and close friends. He is one who cannot be replaced, very educated and intellectual individual.


 at asim akhund home

Dear all,

Comrade Nisar shah, Janjua and myself visited today the family of comrade Asim Akhund, national secretary youth and culture LPP, today at Hyderabad. We arrived here this morning travelling overnight.

The news of Asim death was printed by all Sindhi papers on front and back pages with some carrying his picture. He was quite known among the youth and literary circles of Sindh.

We met his father and other relatives along with most of the LPP comrades in Sindh. Every one has something special about the comrades.

Comrade Asim was only 33 at the time of his death on 2 September 2008. He started reading Marxism in early age of 18 and started organicing groups. He joined Labour Party Pakistan in 2006.

Later several comrades visited his graveyard. His grave is covered with the red flag of LPP and a lot of rose petals. (picture attached)

He was buried last night.
His death is not only a loss of LPP but also of the Marxist movement.

Asim Akhund 1975-2008
Dear comrades,
 Here is a tribute to our comrade Asim Akhund, who died yesterday by a comrade associated with SWP Uk.
We visited today his family and comrades in Hyderabad travelling overnight. We conveyed message of comrade Roger Silverman and the list to the comrades and family.
 Farooq Tariq
By: Dr. Riaz Ahmad

Asim Akhund was a stunning man. He was 25 when i met him first. A short, broad-shouldered, spectacled asim used to walk as if there was a big load at his back. But it was all in his eyes, the love for knowledge, respect for ideas and above all the 24 hour readiness to educate others. But to take Asim as a man of theory will be a big mistake. From small to big movements he would ensure nothing was missed.
Asim was a rare combination of intense interest in practice and theory together. I always found him through the affection of his students and followers. A huge number of youth in Hyderabad and all over Sindh learned their marxism from Asim. Such was his impression that when I met Bakshal, Shafqat many others for the first time it was obvious that they have been Asim's disciples. In an age where ideology was shunned and theory was considered a dogma it used to be a very pleasant surprise to see such a rare breed of students coming out of the Philosophy Department, almost all inspired by Javaid Bhutto. Asim was amongst the students of Javed. These disciples brought out the fine Sindhi quarterly Adarsh.
His mother, an equivalently affectionate mother and woman, never left Asim in the hospital where he was admitted about two weeks ago. I met him on Friday last. Asim was in high spirits, he was told by the doctors that he will be released Saturday. But the strain of having to go through two by-passes and two valve transplants was quite evident. Salam, a comrade of Labour Party to which Asim was associated as well, met him on Monday and says he was happy that the fever was coming down. Since the first transplant Asim had developed fungi in the valve, a problem associated with such operations.  Asim collapsed after the exercise he went through in the AKU gym on Tuesday noon, he was taken to ICU and died there.
A large number of his comrades and friends are shocked by his death. It was not merely an intellectual that the left lost, we all had hopes associated with Asim as a great revolutionary. We are shocked because we lost a wonderful person who knew how to learn and how to fight back -- a quality rare in the present left.
 Riaz Ahmed
International Socialists (Karachi)

From: "iftikhar" <>

This is a very sad news.Please convey my condolence to all family mrmbers ,his colleagues and his friends.Socialist Pakistan has lost a great member,worker and comrade.



dear Farooq Tariq, All team of Jeddojihad and members / office bearers of LPP

The untimely and sad demise of Comrade Asim Akhund is a great loss to all

of us. We at VFO condole it from the cores of our hearts. Kindly extend

our sympathies to the bereaved family and all his near and dear ones.

He will be remembered for decades for his achievements.


Niaz Ahmed Kathia


My heartfelt condolences to Asim's family, friends and colleagues



Dear All,

This is very shocking and heart breaking news about the sad demise of Comrade Asim Akhund.  I know him since more than 13 years when he was student of Sindh University, Jamshoro and used to visit his friend Comrade Noor Mohammad Shah. Asim was highly character oriented and knowledgeable person and in a very young age he become the star in philosophy among the writers and communists of Sindh.

He has left us his beautiful memories and we will be remembering the fragrance of his all memories until we are alive.


Gul Mallah


Dear All.

It is a shocking news. Comrade Asim death is a great loss for all of us. It is hrad to believe that he is no more.

As a young marxist he was very much respected by all LPP comrades. i had a couple of brief meetings with him during the last congress. He was very polite, gender sinsitive and accomodating.I was very much impressed by his committment to struggle for revolutionary change in Pakistan.

He promised me to conduct some study circles on Marxisim , wwhl had planned for the young girls in Lahore. I had coversations with him on telephone for this purpose. He always told me that he wanted to come to Lahore to conduct youth study circles, but his health was not allowing him to travel. 

I want to convey my deep condolences to his family, friends, wife  and specialaly to LPP comrades from Sindh who have lost a great comrade and a idealogue.

remembering Asim,

Bushra Khaliq

Dear Javed, Jami and Mushtaq

I read your mails with broken heart. No doubt it is a great tragedy. We have very few people who have a clear vision and understanding about "change" in Sindh and we are loosing them. After the sad demise of Saeen Haider Ali Laghari, who really introduced Burton Russell in Sindh and his books, we lost another man intellectual and student of philosophy.

When Akhtar Shaikh informed me about his departure from Agha Khan Hospital, the news was a great shock to me.

On this kind of departures, I often think that one day we all have to go so it is our prime responsibility to do a better job for our people and motherland, which gifted us identity and the status of sons of soil.

Piyara Asim we will be missing you….

Mother, I cannot trust in those
whose eyes with tears do over-flow-
Who bring the water to their eyes,
their sorrow to the world to show;
Who love Beloved, hide their woe,
no tears they show, nor speak about--------Bhittai Kalyan Yaman-II (Path to peace)



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Dear Comrades,

Kindly accept my condolences and deep sorrow at the death of Comrade Asim Akhund. I have never met him but have always heard good things about him. With him, the Left has lost one of its brilliant fighters.

Kindly, convey my message to the family and comrades of Comrade Asim.

In Solidarity,

Umer Chaudhry,
District Secretary,

Comrade Rubab, FarooqTariq and Comrade forroq Ahmad  

 please find the historical pictures of comrade Asim for MJ, SPN, MJ Pashto .

I am requisting to comrade Farooq Ahmad to deliver these pictures to Comrade Sleem Nashad Youth and culture secretary of LPP Pakhtoon Khwa, and soon I am writting an article on comrad Asim in Pashto for MJ Pashto from Pakhtoon Khawa .  

 Abdul salam salam