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Comrade Asim Akhund member national committee LPP died

Comrade Asim Akhund member national committee LPP and youth and cultural secretary died this afternoon on 2 September 2008 at Agha Khan Hospital Karachi.Comrade Asim Akhund (35) was member editorial board Weekly Mazdoor Jeddojuhd and a known Sindhi journal :Adharsh: He studied in a Soviet University and was a teacher of Philosophy at Jamshoroo University Hyderabad at present time. Comrade Asim was a leading member of Communist Party Pakistan, left them for ideological reasons to join Labour Party Pakistan three years earlier.He was operated of a cardiac complication twice within two months.We tried to send him to an Indian hospital but doctors told us the emergency involved.  He will be remembered by LPP and all other Left groups for his excellent Marxist writings and lectures. He was an expert in explaining dialectical materialism and Marxism as a whole. Comrade Asim was elected member National Committee LPP at the fourth congress in December 2007 and elected as member National Executive Committee and national Youth Secretary of LPP. LPP Sindh developed tremendously in ideological clarity and organizational after his joining the party. He took part actively in Lawyers movement and fought the Musharraf dictatorship all the time.LPP and  Marxist movement in Pakistan has lost one of its best ideologue and a fighter.