Best Pumps For Bikes

Bike pumps are one of the important biking accessories that you must have either as an expert or an occasional bike rider.

This is a device designed to help you pump your deflated bike tires. Riding bike is fun to do and you can only enjoy the best of it when you have your bike in good shape.

Riding a deflated bike can be hazardous, it will require you add more effort to paddle and it can also damage the bike rims and the tires.

This is why every bike owner must have a bike pump as it will help to keep your tires inflated when deflated.

How to inflate your tires using a bike pump

  • Insert the pump nozzle firmly to the valve of the tire.
  • Start pumping, and at this point you should observe changes if the nozzle holds the valve firmly and the air aren’t escaping.

Most people have difficulty in gauging their tires. Each tire has their pressure recommendation written on the side of the tire. It is advisable that you have this figure in mind so that you don’t exceed the maximum pressure recommendation for your bike tires when pumping.

Things you must consider before buying a Bike pump

The primary thing you ought to pay special attention when getting Pumps for Bikes is the Base.  This must have the capacity to guarantee support when being used.  You will have to exert more pressure on the pump and this is why you should consider getting a bike pump with a strong base.

The second is the Gauge. This gives you the platform to monitor the pressure exerted or the quantity of air pumped into the tires so that you won’t exceed or go below the recommended pressure.

The last thing you have to pay attention to is the length of the hose.

Let’s take a look at some of the bike pumps you will get in the market

Serfas Women’s Bicycle floor pumps

You want a bike pump which makes pumping easier, this is the right deal for you. The pump has a good handle and a strong base with a clear gauge to monitor the pressure and it is compatible with both Schrader and presta valve.

Schwinn 5 in 1 Pump

This is multi functional pump that helps to inflate your bike tires without much stress. If you need a bike pump with a base that gives stability, clear gauge and a strong handle, then this is the best deal for you.


Bike pump is a must have for everyone who rides regularly or occasionally. If you want to enjoy the fun of cycling then you must consider getting a bike pump to keep your bike tire inflated when it is deflated.