Bug Zappers – Creative And The Best Way to Kill the Insects

While you are outdoors, you may find different kinds of insects flying or crawling around.  They could be either feasting on you or your delicious food. In an attempt to prevent such creatures, you must consider using bug zappers. Bug zappers come in various designs. Some of those are mentioned below:-

  • Famously known and used, the Citronella candles
  • Electronic zappers – Racket and lantern shaped

If you are new to bug zappers, then it is better that you visit a local store. Understand how each of the bug zappers work, and pick the style they show depending on your needs.

Parts of bug zapper 

Bug zappers are not complicated devices, and can be used easily. The casing, which holds the parts together, is called housing. Plastic is used to make this device. You get the casing in the shape of a lantern as well. Inside the casing are the bulbs, which can be either :-

  • Florescent bulbs
  • Mercury/neon lights

Both these bulbs are designed to attract insects. Ultraviolet lights are the best to attract insects towards it, just like flowers.

When this device is on, you’ll frequently here ZZZZ sound. This happens because when an insect gets closer to these zappers, they are electrocuted by a High voltage electric current. These zappers are designed in such a way that they cannot differentiate between different insects. However, they do not kill the mosquitoes. 


Mosquitoes are attracted to Carbon dioxide and the sweat of humans. Some devices have been created which emit gases like CO2. Mosquitoes get attracted towards them, get trapped, dehydrate and die. This particular device is not electrically run.

Olfactory receptors 

This receptor blocks a mosquito’s ability to smell carbon dioxide, which prevents them from getting attracted towards you and bite. 

Some additional ways to prevent mosquitoes are:-

  • Female mosquitoes lay eggs in water- prevent any water clogging at home
  • Follow the guidelines mentioned by your area’s municipality
  • Use citronella oil to prevent mosquitoes

To conclude, no matter what is bothering you, be it flies or other insect, make sure that you choose a bug zapper that lasts long and give you utmost satisfaction.