Workers in Pakistan Oppose fanaticism 

by Rizwan Atta 19-09-2020

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Brick kiln workers in Pakistan are oppose to all sort of fanaticism. A meeting at Lahore organized by the Brick Kiln Workers Federation at Lahore concluded that there is no way forward on the road of fanaticism. The meeting was 
organized to commemorate the 12th year of the Supreme Court decision to abolish the Peshgi (advance) system from the brick kiln areas. On 18th September 1988, Supreme Court of Pakistan concluded after long court proceedings that the brick kiln workers could not be kept as slaves even if they have not paid back the Peshgi amount in time. Workers across the country celebrate the day as freedom day. There are over 100,000 brick kiln workers in the industry of brick making. 

Over 100 brick kiln representatives from different areas of Pakistan gathered today at a commemoration meeting at Lahore Yohanna Abad area. Farooq Tariq, general secretary Labour Party Pakistan was the chief guest at the occasion. Anwar Arther Bhatti introduced the meeting explaining the worsening conditions of the brick kiln workers. He was of the view that despite the decision of the court, there is no implementation of the orders. He criticized the bombing of the American cities and said workers can only loose what ever they have on the path of fanaticism. 

Farooq Tariq congratulated the workers for their organization once again on more solid class basis. He said despite a lull in the movement of the brick kiln workers that it is freshening to see the workers representatives on this occasion. He went in detail of the position of LPP in relation to the 12th September bombing. He said we could only condemn this brutal action of the terrorists against the American workers. This has solved nothing but the lives of many millions in danger at the reaction of the American Imperialism. He said that individual terrorism might be successful, as the present one will not solve the basic problems of the working people. It will put more economic and social burden on them. 

Individual terrorism is no friend of the working people. It lower downs the consciousness of the workers in favor of some one else. It brings a message that you wait and some one else will do it for you. It makes false heroes who on the basis of their actions demand that no more democracy you listen to the. It dictates terms to you. It forces you to accept some one else, in stead of you, fighting for yourself. Farooq Tariq went into details of how we have to oppose both the American imperialism invasions into Afghanistan or Pakistan on the pretext of the 12th September event and also the religious fanaticism. We have all the sympathies with the families of the victims of 12th September but we have no trust at all on the Bush administration who are talking of eliminating terrorism and promote democracy and freedom of people. It is precisely the American Imperialism, which has promoted the so-called Mujahidin in Afghanistan. He questioned that who had armed by tooth and nail to these fanatics? Who gave them millions of Dolor and arms in the eighties to get rid of communism? 

Farooq Tariq told the charged workers that we have no trust of the present military regime of Pakistan. It was precisely the military intelligence of Pakistan who has promoted the Talban government. It gave them arms and 
ammunition to control Afghanistan Now it has made a 180 degree U turn in favor of American against Talban. What has made the military regime to cooperate with the American Imperialism, he questioned. What has made the military 
regime to change their Afghan policy overnight? It is greed and fear of the military regime. It has no principals. 

Labour Party Pakistan is opposing to the American intervention in the region. But it can not side with the religious fanatics who are also responsible for the present dangerous circumstances. Our opposition to the American Imperialism is in line with our consistence policy to oppose their capitalist system. But religious fanatics welcomed Bill Clinton when he came to Pakistan in March 2000. They did not say a single word against him and told the nation 
Clinton is a guest. It was only LPP, which has opposed the Clinton visit and demonstrated against the visit. 

Farooq Tariq said our tactics is a united action of the workers in the shape of demonstrations, rallies, strikes and public meeting to press our demands to change the system. We have nothing in common with those who have carried out the 12th September attack. 

Speaking on the occasion, Baba Feroz Masih, the president of the federation said our links with LPP is going strong and strong and we will help LPP to have an ear of the workers on the political issues. It is our political voice, 
he said. He thanked the workers who had made their way from a long distance to attend this meeting. 

A red flag was hosted on the house of Baba Feroz as symbol of the struggle of the brick kiln workers at the end of the meeting.



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