Labour Party Pakistan Lahore elects new leadership

by  Farooq Tariq  01-10-2020

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Peace demonstration on 15th October 

Labour Party Pakistan held its first one-day conference on 30th September at Lahore Press Club. After through discussions on the political and Organizational aspect of its work, the delegates elected its new leadership A 27 member Lahore Council was elected by secret ballot. The council elected later the main leadership in its emergency meeting just after the conference. 9 out Of 27 Lahore Council members are women activists. 3 out of seven main leadership posts are also taken by the women activists including the key post of general secretary Lahore LPP. 

Over 120 activists of the LPP at Lahore attended the one-day conference. After a recent survey of party membership, it was decided by the LPP Lahore leadership to drop all the inactive members. It was decided that only Those will be allowed to take part in the conference who have cleared their dues and paid the annual membership fee. 139 member remained on the list after the scrutiny. 120 of those participated in the full day conference. 

During the first political session, Farooq Tariq, general secretary LPP Introduced the party position on the present political, economical and social conditions. He was of the view that Talbaan regime ought to go now. It is not much to do with the external position but Talbaan has lost its social basis. As a very brutal regime, it cold has not survived without the very strict Control and a lot of suppression of the Afghan people. Farooq Tariq criticizing 
the American government and itís allies including the military regime in Pakistanis hypocrisy of helping each other. He said that America has now no Problem with the military regime of Pakistan as the apparent case earlier. So 
is the case of military regime of Pakistan who have abandoned its 7 year partnership with Talbaan overnight without saying a single word of its earlier positions. 

We are against the both, American Bush administration and also against the Talbaan regime, We are with the international peace movement. We have to Create a new peace movement in Pakistan as well. LPP activists must be in the forefront of this NO War, NO terrorism Movement. 

He said that capitalist and feudal system has failed to deliver and it must be replaced by a democratic socialist system. We can not do that if we do not have strong mass party. This conference is an effort by the Lahore leadership to build such a mass socialist party in Pakistan. 

In the discussion followed, 14 activists of LPP participated. There was no Fundamental difference on the political perspective of the party. A question was raised what option military regime had, not to go the way they have gone 
and what difference the American possible aid to Pakistani military regime can make in future and its effect on the military regime future. 

Answering the question, Farooq Tariq said that the capitalist economy international is in a period of crisis. They through different institutions like IMF and World Bank made such an agreements that it put the entire burden on the already sinking economies of the third world countries. Against these injustices, A strong anti capitalist movement was developing in the advance countries. We saw hundreds and thousands of workers at different part of the advanced world protesting in anti capitalist demonstrations. After 11th September initial reactions, it is clear that American government has got new friends like the military regime of Pakistan to go for an all out war against 
Afghanistan. In this background, The Americans has lifted sanctions against Pakistan and has announced a good friendship relationship with Pakistan. The general impression is created that the American aid would help the sick economy of Pakistan. But this is contrary to the factual situation. Pakistan exports have been deeply effected after the 12th September. Many orders has been cancelled or postponed. The main crisis of Pakistan economy is productivity. That will decrease even further. All the conditions of IMF and World bank has made the life of the workers and peasants even worst what it was before the military took over in October 1999. In these circumstances, we do not see any possibility of revival of Pakistan economy even if US imperialism pump in massive injunctions. It will make the life of the rich and the ruling class better and the not the life of the workers. So we do not support the so-called aid or the have any illusions in any friendship with US. 

Farooq Tariq said, the US administration is the king of terrorism. We can support or have any confidence in him. We have to build a real unity of the working class internationally and have to become part of the international peace 

The Lahore conference elected 27 membersí Lahore council. All the nine women activists who were part of the slate were elected. 

Moeen Nawaz Punno is elected chairman of LPP Lahore. He is member of LPP national committee and a trade union leader of a cycle factory. He was elected counselor in the local bodies election held this year. 

Azra Shad is elected as general secretary of Lahore LPP. She is the organizer of the Women Workers Help Line and a terminated health worker during a strike of hospital workers in 1993. 

Farah Naz, a schoolteacher is elected as joint secretary. She is one of the leaders of WWHL. She mobilized over 80 working women for the rally on 25th September. 

Saima Khan is elected as finance secretary. She is computer operator and leading member of WWHL. 

Amir Suhail is elected as information secretary. He is a member of the journalist union. He was organizer of the youth organization Young Fighters. 

Safdar Sheikh is been elected as senior vice chairman. He is also an ex Young Fighter leader and a worker at a motor cycle factory. 

Rana Javed is elected as vice president. He joined the party only a month before. He is making a lot of effort to spread the party in an area where party has won some local bodies seats. 

The Lahore Labour Party has taken a lead in Punjab by holding this one-day conference. Such conferences are being organized in other parts of Punjab as well. The conference has made our ideas quit clear on the present situation and made the comrades more confident of the position we have taken during this period. End 



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