Labour Party Pakistan Peace rally stopped by police 

by  Amir Suhail  15-10-2020

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* Over 1000 participated, 
* Condemned the American aggression and demanded an immediate end to war. 

Police stopped Labour Party Pakistan peace rally before reaching its scheduled place near Flaties hotel. Police told the organizers that the presence of Jaish Mohammed (the religious fundamentalist group) has taken over the main Mall Road and if this demonstration goes there, there will be a clash with them. The LPP leaders insisted to go on the main Mall Road but were prevented by the police to go further. A Public meeting was held there on the spot and was addressed by the main leaders of LPP. 

Earlier, the LPP peace rally started with red flags and banners demanding the American imperialism to stop the war. Over a 1000 participated in the rally. Over 200 activists were stopped on different road o Lahore, as police has already sealed many main roads on the eve of the general strike called by the religious fundamentalists. 

Half the participants were women. They were raising slogan against the American attacks and also against the terrorism of religious fundamentalists. American go back from Asia, Americans stop the war, Terrorism will not solve the problems. American gangsters Go Back, No to military government support to Americans, We want peace, We want bread instead of bombs, were some of the slogans raised at the rally. 

The Peace rally was cheered by the many on the main pavements, as this was something totally new for them. Many working class families with red flags and raising slogans against the American and religious fundamentalists were 

Speaking on the occasion, Neelum Hussain of Women Action Forum condemned the American bombing of innocent Afghan people. She said Americans has no right to kill people. We have no sympathies with the terrorists and there are other ways to deal with them, instead of bombing the Afghan cities. Labour Party Chairman Shoaib Bhatti told the rally that imperialist strategy is terrorism to stop terrorism. This will not succeed. This will not solve anything. Shoaib Bhatti told the economic basis of the war that it is to control the whole world by American Imperialism. To kill innocent people on the name of maintaining peace is an insult to the word peace. 

Speaking on the occasion, Farooq Tariq condemned the Nobel Peace Committee to award the Nobel Peace award to Kofi Annan and UN. The institution has failed to address the question. He said that We are totally oppose to the 
American imperialism attack on Afghanistan But we have no sympathies for the Talban government. He said the US and the military government of Pakistan promoted Talban. It has banned women to participate in the social life. It 
is promoted terrorism. Talban are the new fascist of the present era. Americans promoted this force and now want to control it. 

Farooq Tariq also criticized Jamaat-I-Islami and told that when Clinton came to Pakistan it welcomed him as guest of the country. Only LPP opposed the visit at the time. The fundamentalists are opposing the US imperialism on 
opportunist basis. It is fight between the two old friends., We the Left forces, are the one who have opposed the American imperialism from the beginning. It is the number one terrorist of the world. Farooq Tariq criticized the police to stop the demo and said that religious fundamentalist are free to go any where but the progressive forces have been stopped. 

The rally dispersed peacefully after the speeches. 

Report By Amir Suhail 



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