Corner meeting raises peace issues among working people 

by  Amir Suhail   23-10-2020

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Labour Party Pakistan Lahore Ghazi Road Unit organised a corner meeting today on 21st October to raise the peace issues among the working people at Munawar Abad, Ghazi Road cantonment area of Lahore. Ideas rejecting USA 
intervention in Afghanistan with the help of military regime and against Talbanisation of the society were well received from an audience of over 200, overwhelmingly workers form different factories. A resulation to condemn the US attacks on Afghanistan and against religious fundamentalism was agreed upon by the participants with raising their both hands in favor of the resolution. 

Speaking on the occasion, LPP Lahore chairman, Moeen Nawaz Punnu, an elected counselor and president of a cycle and motor cycle factory workers union at Lahore, emphasized the need to build an independent party of the working 
class. He told the meeting that we are sick and tired of these rich politician who come in their big cars to lecture us only at times of elections and then never turns back to our localities. He said, LPP is proud to be led by workers and is the only option for the working class of Pakistan to join and fight for a peaceful Pakistan. He told the meeting that we condemn the attacks of US imperialism on Afghanistan but we have no sympathy with the Talban fascist government. 

Azra Shad, general secretary of Lahore LPP told the meeting that LPP believe in class struggle and will do its utmost to defend the working class women to fight the system. She said many of us are part of LPP because it is the only party fighting on principal positions and are helping the working class to unite. We the women are for peace and not for war, she said. 

Farooq Tariq, general secretary LPP said that the blood of Afghan people are not less red than those Americans who died on 11th September. We condemned that terrorist action and we condemn again this terrorist action of US Imperialism. He said that the last two years of military regime in Pakistan have been difficult years for the working class. There is a growing unemployment and price hike. This was all done on the instructions of IMF and the World Bank. Now again on the instructions of the US imperialism, the military regime have taken a road to kill innocent Afghan people. We can not support that. The only way to stop these atrocities and terrorist acts is to build a peace movement on mass basis by the working class in collaboration with civil society, peasants, student and women organisations. He said the purpose of this corner meeting to raise consciousness among working people on the issue of war. We never had any sympathy with the fascist religious fundamentalist. But they can not be eliminated by the US gangsterism. We have to oppose the both to build an alternative movement of the working class, he said. Capitalism and feudalism can only offer war like situation, only a democratic socialist Pakistan can pave the way for a peaceful Pakistan, Farooq Tariq said. 

A former local counselor Dr.Ishaq Awan and a supporter of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) criticized the stand of his own party and that of Benazir Bhotto to support the US intervention and told the meeting that he would support the LPP stand on this and he asked all the participant to raise their hands in solidarity with the Afghhan people. 

On this occasion, a local office of LPP was opened and the newly elected office bearers of the Ghazi Road unit took oath. The meeting was organied by Safadar Sheikh of Ghazi Road, who is been elected as senior vice chairman of LPP Lahore. The meeting was attended by most of the LPP women activist of Lahore as well including several elected counselors. 

More corner meetings are being organised by several units of LPP in different part of Lahore working class areas. 

LPP Karachi is busy in organising the peace rally on 23rd October. 

Report by Amir Suhail 
LPP Lahore Information secretary 



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