Labour Party Pakistan National Committee resolutions on present situation 

by  Farooq Tariq   23-10-2020

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LPP national committee met at Hyderabad (Sind) for two days on 27-28th October 2001. 23 members of NC and 6 observers discussed the present political and economical situation of Pakistan and analyzed the effects of the imperialist war on Afghanistan on the consciousness of the working class and its organizations. It also discussed in detail the question of religious fundamentalism, its nature, possible scenario of future and the danger of its growth in Pakistan and internationally. 

The NC also formulize LPP position on the present situation and decided to challenge the danger of religious fundamentalism by mobilizing the working masses into a peace movement linked with the class struggle. It decided to organize broad base peace movement across the country along with trade unions, peasants, civil society organizations, left groups and individuals. 

There will a peace rally at Hyderababd on 4th November, On 6th at Islamabad with civil society organizations, 11th at Karachi. LPP also decided to organize an LPP national peace rally on 29th November at Lahore. 

The LPP decided to leave ARD (Alliance for Restoration of Democracy). The formal decision will be announced on 5th November at press conferences to be held simultaneously at Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The main reasons are the capitulation of the bourgeoisie parties either to US imperialism or to the Talbaan. Both trends would like to carry war. While, LPP would go for a peace movement. The question of democracy is very much linked with the question of peace. The ARD during last few months have become more of a dead horse and did not implement its own decisions of holding workers conventions and public meetings. 

The NC also constituted committees to bring concrete proposals to the next NC for the launching of a new peasant and a youth organization. It also decided to organize the Women Workers Help Line at national level with units in all 
four provinces. 

LPP NC also decided to launch a weekly paper subscription drive for the next two months. It has set up a target of a 1000 new subscriber for the Weekly till 31st December 2001. 

Political Resolutions 

We are passing through a crucial juncture of Pakistan history. LPP has and will oppose the American imperialist war on the poorest countries of the world. The war is no solution and it is a terrorist act against another terrorist act of those responsible for 11th September events. 

The American imperialism have killed innocent Afghanis and have forced thousands to flee from their houses in most disgusting conditions. 

There is no justification of this war on Afghanistan. The real purpose of this war is to strengthen its hegemony on the world, to control the markets of central Asia, to heal its wounded and disgraced ego by the 11th September event and to promote the war industry once again on an unprecedented level. 

Imperialist war on Afghanistan with the full and active support of the military regime of Pakistan has promoted the religious fundamentalists forces on an unprecedented level. This has endangered the existence of the Left forces inside Afghanistan and Pakistan. The result will be more attacks on minorities, Left forces, civil society organizations and trade unions by the religious fanatics. We have already seen the incident of Bahawalpur where unknown religious fanatics in an indiscriminate shooting on a church on 28th October, have massacred 16 Christians. 

The religious fundamentalism will grow as political power in all parts of Pakistan but more in Frontier and Baluchistan province. It was observed by some comrades that many workers and ordinary citizens of Pakistan are against American imperialism and not in favor of the religious fundamentalists. But due to the gap and without any other alternatives, this mood can go in favor of the religious fanatics. The big attendance in the demonstrations in Karachi for instance is not from the local population but of refuges from Afghanistan and also the Pushtoon immigrants in the city. Many students in the religious schools make the main part of these demonstrations. 

The anti wars movement in Pakistan unlike other countries in Europe, India and in most countries of the world is led by the religious extreme right wing. So for, most of the religious students are taking place in the demonstration but they are receiving more and more sympathies by the ordinary people who are totally oppose to the American attacks on Afghanistan. 

The real agenda of Pakistani religious fundamentalists is to organize an Islamic coup and to take power in Pakistan. There is less possibility of such a perspective, as most of the military generals with the help of American imperialism will launch an all out war against religious take over in Pakistan. This can only happen if the Americans are defeated in Afghanistan and in a civil war like situation in Pakistan, the military generals are defeated. 

While opposing the imperialist war on Afghanistan, we will not lend a single inch support for the fascist Talbaan regime. We will support the progressive and left forces of Afghanistan. It did not matter if they are very small and have no real say at present time. 

Imperialist forces have created and organized the religious forces but they have gone out of control of the imperialist The religious fanatics have presented a real danger to the very existence of the civilization and the concessions of the working class internationally. They are the new types of fascists with medieval thinking and practice. They must be opposed and no sympathy or any kind of support or alliance should be made with these forces on the name of combating imperialism. 

The effect of Talbanisation in Pakistan is that many are arguing to close down the TV. The TV cables are under threat as the religious fanatics are forcing the cable operators not to show the Indian or Western TV channels. 

The fundamentalism can not be eliminated by the imperialist war on Afghanistan. There is more possibility of Talbaan loosing its power within a short period of time. But this will not mean an end of these forces. This will lay down a basis for more suicidal attacks and anarchy like situation in Afghanistan and in Pakistan particularly. 

If Talbaan goes than this myth will also go that Allah is with them and no one can defeat them. This will loosen the grip of the religious fanatics’ Mujahidin propaganda. They were like money plants but now have their own basis because of any alternative on mass basis. Comrades feel that history is not with religious fundamentalism. When Talbaan will loose power, so they will loose much authority that has become an example for many youth to follow. 

We can not rule out the possibility of a limited nuclear attack by the American imperialism in a bid to have a victory in a short time. 

There will be no peace in Afghanistan even if the Talbaan are defeated decisively. The American efforts in Afghanistan to bring the Northern Alliance will polarize the Afghan situation more than before. The religious forces are dominating the Northern Alliance. But once victorious, they will no go against the US imperialism in the immediate period. They will be more like Mujahidin supporting the Americans in the eighties. But they will go in contradictions with the US within a short period. We do not support the return of King Zanier Shah as an alternative government. The Zahir Shah return to power will be another set back for the Afghan masses, as this government will be stooge government of Imperialism more than the Northern Alliance. 

LPP demands an immediate end of imperialist war on Afghanistan. Because of these attacks, the fascist Talbaan government has gained in the short period, the sympathies of the majority of ordinary Muslims in Pakistan. The only way-out for Afghan masses is to get rid of Talbaan in a revolutionary insurrection to lay down the basis for a democratic socialist takes over. The Left groups in Afghanistan must be supported and promoted by all the international Socialist movement as an alternate to the American imposed solution. LPP would go along the peace movement internationally. It appeals to all the international Left movement to take part actively in the anti war movement linked with the anti globalization movement. But it should not support Talban and any other religious fanatics groups. It should raise the plight of the Afghan masses and put pressure on the UN and other relief agencies to provide the emergency food supplies to Afghan people through their own net work. 

The economic crisis 

The imperialist aid to Pakistan will not make any fundamental changes in Pakistan economy. The loss is much greater than the aid offered. The American imperialism at this recessionary period is not in a position to offer the aid to Pakistan or to Afghanistan after Talbaan. The US imperialism can not come up even to the level of the aid in the eighties to Pakistan military regime at the time. The aid has brought the hay days for the army top generals, as they will be the real beneficiaries. 

The loss to the export can be up to 50% of the total export of Pakistan. It is estimated that the loss will be nearly 4 billion US dollars this year. The main areas hit by this war is the textile, carpets and sports goods. Many international orders have been cancelled and there are no new orders or perspectives for new investments. Many industries in Pakistan are closing down and many related to the exports have closed down already. There are reports of thousands of workers in the informal and formal sector loosing their jobs because of this crisis. 

In normal circumstances, the month of October and November are the hay days for the export business. This is due to the rush of the orders of Christmas shopping. But most of the orders are cancelled and no new orders are coming in. These business orders now have gone to India Bangladesh and other countries. 

The Pakistan economy running on the instructions of IMF and World Bank under military regime will be hit hard by this crisis. But the workers in the shape of unemployment, price hike and new taxes will pay the real price. The problem of Pakistan economy is its incapacity to compete at the world market to enhance its export of textile, carpets, rice and other export items. It is problem of productivity and monitory solutions to this productive crisis will bring new contradicts within the economy. 

Another effect is the drastic reduction of the Pakistan immigrant’s remittances. Middle East countries have altogether stopped issuing visas to Pakistanis. Most of the airlines have cancelled their flights to Pakistan thus bringing a sharp crisis for air industry to Pakistan. There is no demand for Pakistani labor any more anywhere. 

Effect on Bourgeoisie political parties 

The three weeks Afghan war and US imperialism inability to have a major win have enhanced the popularity of the religious fundamentalism. This meant less support for those bourgeoisie parties who are supporting the military regime and the US imperialism. For instance, Pakistan Peoples Party of Benazir Bhotto is loosing its vote bank and at present is trying to make a shift in its position to support the military regime openly. So is the position of nationalist Awami National Party in NorthWest Frontier Province. The Muslim League, the main Conservative Party, is divided into two parts. The ex prime minister Nawaz Sharif group after trailing behind the fundamentalists is now openly organizing its own public meetings to support the Talbaan and to oppose the US imperialism. These two main parties are the main losers of the present crisis and the gain are made by the religious fundamentalists Jamaat-I-Islami and 
Jammiat Ulemai Islam. 

The Future of military regime in Pakistan 

The military regime has benefited from the present crisis in the shape of economic relief for the time being. But it has lost more social base to religious fundamentalist forces. There is growing anger against the military regime at present. If Talbaan loose power in a rather shorter period, then the military regime can hold on the situation. They have more or less allowed the demonstrations of the religious fanatics to take place. This is in the false hope that it might fizzle out. 

The military regime has adopted a duel policy towards terrorism. It is opposing the terrorism of Talbaan that it has supported for seven years but it is still declaring its support for Mujahidin, s terrorist activities in the Indian held Kashmir. This can not last long. The regime has to make its mind about Kashmir solutions according to the wishes of the American ruling class. If it does sticks to this present stance, there could be another military coup in favor of the US imperialism and Musharaf might loose power to another general. 

It has happened in Pakistan with Zia in the eighties. After Geneva Accord on Afghanistan in 1988 between the Americans and Soviet Union to withdraw the forces from Afghanistan, the military dictator at the time, General Zia did not accept that and wanted an Islamic coup in Afghanistan. He sacked his hand picked Prime Minister Jonejo on 29th May 1988. But in August 1988, Zia lost his life in a plane crash in mysterious circumstances along with 10 top generals and also the American Ambassador in Pakistan. Many Pakistani believe that it was the work of CIA to get rid of Zia. Along these lines, Musharaf may loose power and his life if he is insistence of Indian enmity that he has promoted for long. 

If Musharaf survive this crisis that is more likely in short term basis, he can continue as president for some years alongside with a very dependent civil government. The military promise of democracy road map for October 2002 depends on the outcome of the present war. If Talbaan loose power, Musharaf may go for these elections in October 2002. 

This election can bring surprise results for the religious fundamentalist. They were only 9% in the 1993 general elections. They boycotted the 1997 general election. They made good results of about 15% in the local bodies elections held during the beginning of this year. But they may go up to 20% in the elections thus holding a balance of power. In these circumstances, these fundamentalists may join the civil government, more on Turkish model. The civil government installed at the time with the help of the military can come into contradictions with Musharaf. This situation will result more of anarchy in the parliamentary field but the political power of the military can remain the same. That is dominant in the political field. Sharing of power by the religious forces will reduce their popularity and thus opening a new phase of growth for Marxist forces. 


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