Speech of Farooq Sulehria for the meeting of the IGM (metall union) in Berlin on the 10.11.


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"I, on behalf of Pakistani working class, pass you red greetings I am here at a time when my country Pakistan is making headlines all over the world. Not only my country but also its ill -fated poor neighbor Afghanistan, as well. Not because these countries are winning Olympic medals or having elections. Poor countries hardly win Olympic medals And the word elections is hardly heard in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Also it's only US elections that make headlines world over. 

My country, as you all know, is making headlines because the most powerful and rich country has attacked my Afghan neighbors who are citizens of the poorest country on the face of earth. Dozens of innocent Afghan kids fall victim to sophisticated US warheads every day .US war industry is testing on Afghan kids the efficiency of its guided missiles and these Afghan kids have been chosen for this monstrous task because they are born at a wrong time and at a wrong place. If they could make a choice, they would have chosen Germany I think. These kids are being killed along with their parents for the crimes committed by US imperialism, its EU allies and its most notorious tool ,called CIA. 


They say they are attacking Afghanistan to arrest Osama. 

I want to ask, do you think he is that stupid that he is sitting in Kabul and waiting for 3,500 German troops to come and arrest him. 

They say they are attacking Afghanistan because Taliban are terrorists. 
I want say US is itself the biggest terrorist in the world. The US terrorist attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was much bigger than that on the World Trade Center. Workers of the world condemn both. 
I want to further say that WE trained these Talibans and their Holy Leader Osama Bin Ladin, its US allies and CIA. A thousand CNNs cannot hide this naked truth with all their disgusting propaganda machines. 
History is much effective than CNNs.It tells us that today Afghan kids are being killed because a generation ago in 1978, a group of Afghan revolutionary soldiers carried out a coup in Afghanistan. This group wanted to eliminate poverty and illiteracy from Afghanistan. It wanted to abolish the women trade. Women were sold and bought in Afghanistan like a commodity. It did so. 

Afghan masses largely welcomed these revolutionary changes .Not only Afghans, Pakistani working class were impressed as well. US could not afford it because Pakistan was a military base camp for US against Soviets. 

US decided to crush Afghan revolution so that it should not spread to Pakistan. 
Osama was brought to Pakistan. Jamaat-e- Islami in Pakistan was asked to provide recruits. Hikmatyar was put in charge of counter-revolutionary war. 
In 1993, these counter -revolutionaries were finally able to reach Kabul. They were divided into many groups along sectarian and ethnic lines. 
Afghan Population is 38 % Pashtoon, 25 % Tajik, 19 % Hazara, 6 % Uzbek and there are 12 % other small nationalities. 
Ahmad Shah Masood, a Tajik war lord, reached Kabul first of all. He was not acceptable to Pakistan. Pakistan wanted a puppet government headed by Hikmatyar.Hikmatyar with Pakistan's active support kept on attacking Kabul and finally both Tajikistan and Pakistan agreed that lets have a coalition government of Tajik Masood and Pashtoon Hikmatyar. 
But that was no solution. Because, all the groups trained by CIA in 1980s, were as powerful as Hikmatyar or Ahmad Shah Masood.In their respective areas, they would not obey any Kabul government. These war lords were kings in their own regions. At times there were over 30 war lords ruling Afghanistan. 
These war lords and their militias were robbing people and raping women. That was perhaps the worst period for Afghan masses in the history of Afghanistan. 
Meantime, after the collapse of former Soviet Union , Central Asian States with third biggest oil serve in the world and gas reserves had become available to multinationals. 
A multinational called UNOCAL decided to lay a pipeline from Central Asian States to Pakistan. The pipeline could not reach Pakistan without passing through all across Afghanistan. In Afghanistan there was no central government that could ensure it. Every war lord wanted money in order to let pipeline go through his area. 
Multinationals are not in the habit of paying money. They only earn money. They pay money in US elections. Since they pay money in US elections therefore US government has to make their business flourish. 
The US government asked its old obedient servant that is Pakistani government. The Pakistani government had to do it not only because it is an old obedient servant of US but also because a Pakistani business group had seven % share in this multi-million dollar gas pipeline project. 
By the time war lords plundering Afghanistan and raping women, Mulla Umar was helping people against these war lords in Qandhar.He was getting popular among masses as a saviour. Pakistani intelligence known as ISI decided to use him as a puppet. Pakistan army was sent to Afghanistan in the guise of Taliban. These Taliban captured Afghanistan over night. A puppet Taliban regime was installed in Afghanistan. 
The social base for Taliban government was Talibans. They were students of Islamic madrassas. Taliban itself means student .They had a narrow vision of Islam and started implementing it. 
There was another process going on. Thousands of Mujahideen trained for Afghan Jihad was left on their own They had come from all over Muslim world. Some of them with Pakistani origin were kept in operation by Pakistani intelligence to use them in Kashmir. Others ,mainly under the command of Osama, reached Bosnia, Philippines ,Chechnya, China and Palestine to help liberate their Muslim brothers. Their morale was high because they thought that they had defeated Soviet army. But their involvement in Kashmir ,Palestine, and Philippines was not in line with US agenda. Now a contradiction had developed among these old friends. 
Taliban, once in power, refused to pay Pakistan, all the time. The big problem started when Taliban said that they will nationalise the gas pipeline. In 1998, US attacked Afghanistan with missiles to make Taliban behave. But that did not work. US decided to go there and September 11 events gave a good justification to go there. 
Till today, US have given no proof that Osama is responsible for September 11.But the issue of proof is already forgotten. 
Bush needed a war because he runs oil business and oil business needs a presence in Afghanistan. This is a war for oil as it was a war for oil in 1990 in case of Iraq. 
Workers all over the world are saying no to US war. Workers in Pakistan are saying no to war as well. 
But capitalist media is trying to curb workers voice. These media shows Bush ,Blair, Schrader and General Musharraf making war speeches. This media does not show millions of workers raising peace slogans. 
Picture of my country with regard to peace movement is even shameful. 
They keep showing and publishing pictures of demonstrators with big beards. If you have never been to Pakistan and see CNN these days, you will wonder if there are no razors available in Pakistan. 
Well, this distorted picture of Pakistan s not correct. 
I confess that fundamentalist forces are getting popular in Pakistan in last 20 years. This war will make them even popular because they are seen as anti-imperialists. Pakistani masses hate USA. They learn to hate USA as they learn their mother tongue. 
But majority of workers in Pakistan do not support them. 
Capitalist media is showing only fundamentalists in order to justify attacks in the eyes of working masses of the West. 
It is trying to hide the strong and growing peace movement launched by progressive and left wing forces. 
On November 6, a 8000-strong peace demonstration was held in the capital city of Pakistan. No fundamentalist group has been able to hold such a big demonstration. . 
A coalition of 85 women, human rights, and left wing groups organised this demonstration. 
Labour Party Pakistan known as LPP , was a driving force behind this coalition. LPP is the largest and fastest growing left wing party in Pakistan that believes in democratic socialist Pakistan. It was the only national party ,besides fundamentalists, that opposed war all major bourgeois parties are supporting US imperialist war. 
LPP on its own has organised a series of rallies in big towns. On Nov 27, another big rally will be organised in Lahore by LPP: 
LPP says No to Imperialist War. No to Religious Fundamentalism. 
LPP thinks both of them are enemies of workers. US are a big terrorist while Taliban are junior partners. 
Both must be defeated. 
LPP thinks US will be defeated the way it was defeated during Vietnam days on he streets of Europe, Latin America, Asia , Australia and USA itself. Through mass protests of workers, trade unions and students. 
Taliban will be defeated in the same way in Pakistan and Afghanistan. 
Its time to act and getting active. 
Stand up against US and German invasion of Afghanistan. 
Its time to build solidarity all over the world with all the progressive forces opposing the war. 
But above all with the progressive forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan. 
Peace movement in Pakistan needs your moral, financial, political and practical help. 
Send them solidarity messages, send your delegates there, send them finances so that they can organise peace movement. 
A group of trade unionists in Berlin has set up an organisation to give a concrete shape to this solidarity work. The organisation called Workers Solidarity Pakistan. 
I want to point out that LPP and peace movement in Pakistan is struggling against both imperialism and fundamentalists. 
Fundamentalists have abundance of money and guns. 
LPP does not have both of them. 
LPP does not believe in guns. It believes in solidarity. Of the workers of the world. 
Guns of a thousand Osamas cannot defeat USA. But workers solidarity can. And it has. Remember Vietnam. 
Let me thank you for this hearing." 

Farooq Sulehria, LPP, 10.11.2020



LPP (For a democratic socialist Pakistan)

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