Afghan People Need Peace and Prosperity

07-12-2001 By: Amir Suhail

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We have no trust on the present interim set up,

Perveen, a central leader of Afghan Labour Revolutionary Organization ALRO told a gathering at Lahore this evening on 7th December that Afghan people are sick and tired of the war. “They need peace and prosperity, only working people’s help for the working people reaches at the right place, this is an inspiring help from the Afghan Workers Solidarity campaign” she said. Perveen was speaking at a reception hosted by Labour Party Pakistan atMustafabad, Lahore in honor of those who have contributed on the appeal of Afghan Workers Solidarity Campaign.

Daring Afghan woman, Perveen came to the meeting without a parda and spoke in the presence of over 200 in the meeting, mainly men. Perveen spoke of the atrocities of the Talbaan regime, and said that they were one of the most brutal regimes we have ever witnessed. Perveen criticized the US imperialismand said it has no right to impose a war on Afghan innocent people.

Perveen who was in Jalalabad, Afghanistan recently on behalf on the ALRO to bring the wounded men and women belonging to her party spoke of the first hand experience after the bombing of American war planes in Jalalabad. “ Two died on the way to Pakistan, several were in a state of absolute shock and were unconscious, it was horrifying experience of my life” she told the meeting.

“We need a break from all this, we have had enough of war, it solves nothing but create a lot of problem, it is the will of peace at any cost that many Afghan people will accept this imposed regime of Karazai” she commented on the present set up. Perveen said that we have no trust on the present regime. “This regime is also dominated by religious fundamentalists who have for the time being hidden their real face and intentions. What we need is agovernment of the normal people not of these warlords. ALRO is fighting for a progressive Afghanistan and many of party comrades have lost their lives for this path” she said.

Perveen was happy to see the reaction of the working people of Lahore to the appeal of AWSC. She said the aid given by the governments never reaches the masses. It is more of the government show to fool people. It is more for TV cameras than for the dying people. We make sure that this first consignment reaches at the most needy people of Afghanistan. She thanked Labour PartyPakistan and all those associated the AWSC internationally who have made this concrete example of practical solidarity.

Speaking on the occasion, Romana Shabanum, a counselor of Lahore Aziz Bhatti Town and member National Committee LPP thanked the area people for this tremendous help and asked them to continue helping the campaign. Romana who played a key role in motivating and collecting the cloths and dry food items from her constituency spoke of more close relationship of LPP and ALRO.

Moeen Nawaz Punnu, a union council member and Chairman of Lahore Labour Party told the gathering that this aid is not for Talban or Northern Alliance thugs, it is for normal people from the normal people of Lahore. “LPP has become the first left party in Pakistan to nock the doors of the people to collect donations” he said, “people of Mustafabad have rejected the religious fundamentalist appeal to help them for their Jihad but have shown tremendous trust on LPP” Moeen commented. Moeen is also president of a trade union in a cycle factory, told the meeting that workers are very much keen to help but their trust have been broken many times by the political parties of the rich. LPP is a working class party led by working class themselves.

Others who spoke at the meeting include Farooq Tariq, general secretary LPP and the local leadership of LPP in Mustafabad. All the preparations for the departure of the first consignment from AWSC have been made. Several dozen activists of LPP have done the packing of over 5000 traditional dresses, over a 1000 jumpers and sweaters, over a 1000 shoes and over 150 blankets and quilts. The first truck will leave on 8th December from Lahore with two activists of LPP and one from ALRO. Part of the donations received from the international affiliates have been used to buy the blankets and for the cost of transportation.



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