Labour Party Pakistan reaction to General Musharaf speech

13-01-2021 by: Farooq Tariq

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LPP National Executive Committee met in an emergency meeting just after televised speech of General Musharaf on 12th January. It issued the following press statement.

LPP consider the speech of General Musharaf as lip service against the growing religious fundamentalism. He has not spoken about the root cause for spreading of religious fundamentalism during the last two decades in particular. LPP considers that until the root cause of religious fundamentalism is not rooted out, it cannot be eliminated by administrative 

LPP believe that on the instructions of IMF and World Bank such economic policies have been adopted by successive civil and military regimes that has promoted poverty to an unprecedented level. The military regime of General Pervaiz Musharaf have acted upon the instructions of these imperialist institutions and have increased the numbers living under poverty line. General Musharaf has not said a single sentence on this aspect.

His speech has not mentioned about another root cause of religious fundamentalism, that is the separate electoral system. LPP demand a joint electoral system where people from all religion could vote according to their choice and not according to their religion. The speech does not mention of any hint about repeal of blasphemy laws. The introduction of this law has helped to promote the religious fundamentalism in Pakistan.

LPP believe that there should not be any political role of the inter services intelligence (ISI). The ISI under the leadership of General Hamid Gull promoted these religious groups in the eighties who are banned today by general Musharaf. General Musharaf should have admitted the negative role of this agency that has brought the miserable position of Pakistan masses today.

LPP believe that the measures against the religious groups are inadequate and insufficient. All religious parties should be banned to take part in political activities. Religion should not be part of the politics anymore. All those laws that have helped to strengthen the theocratic nature of Pakistani state should be repeal, LPP have demanded. LPP welcomes the 
measures of registrations of the mosque and madrases. But it believes that religious schools are no alternative to regular education by state schools. The education should be promoted by state and not by these religious schools as claimed by general Musharaf.

War is no solution to any problem. It will not solve the issue of Kashmir or for that matter the issue of terrorism. It will only worsen these questions if mean of war is adopted by Pakistan or India to solve the problems. LPP demand an immediate withdrawal of military forces from the borders on both sides. The war fanaticism promoted by Vajpai government as the only solution is condemnable and we would not support any one who is involved in the war between the two countries.

LPP demand that issue of Kashmir should be solved according to the wishes and participation of the Kashmir masses. The overwhelmingly majority of Kashmir masses on both sides are in favor of independent Kashmir. A referendum to know the position of the Kashmir people should be held under the committees of the Kashmir representative bodies and committees. We reject any involvement of UN forces in the solution of Kashmir problem.

LPP believe that a powerful peace movement on both sides and internationally can make a halt in the war preparations of both governments. Only peace movement is real hope for the masses of Indian sub continent to stop the war fanaticism.

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