Peasants demands arrest of the murderer army officer

15-02-2021 by Sajid Baluch

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To commemorate the 40th day of the death of a peasant leader Mohammed Bashir, Anjaman Muzareen Punjab (Tenants Organization Punjab) organized a protest meeting on 16th February at Renalkurd Military Farms, over 100 kilometers from Lahore. The meeting was organized in an open farm area close to the house of Bashir, where he was murdered by the thugs and gangsters of a military colonel Mohammed Ali. The gang wanted to take the possession of the land, Bashir and his forefathers were cultivating over a 100 years. When Bashir and his family retaliated, he was shot at and several of his relatives including women were injured.

Despite the formal complaint to the police, a murder case has not been registered again the main culprit. Instead, police has registered a case against unknown persons. To press the demand to include the name of the military officer and to arrest him, a protest campaign is going on. A 40 days hunger strike camp is been organized at Okara city where over 100 peasants are participating in the hunger strike camp.

The public meeting was attended by over 3000 peasants despite the death of the mother of the local peasant leader on the morning of the protest meeting. It was addressed by a several speakers from Labour Party Pakistan, Peoples Rights Movement, Labour Alliance, National Workers Party and several social organizations and peasant and women organizations.

The main speaker on the occasion was Farooq Tariq general secretary Labour Party Pakistan. He demanded an immediate arrests of the army officer involved. He condemned the terrorist attack by this military officer and gave a month notice to the local authorities to register the case or face a movement by LPP accross the country. He condemned the political and economic terror of the American Imperialism alongside with military rulers of Pakistan. Farooq Tariq said that the no one can break the will of the working class to change the society. He said the blood of Mohammed Bashir will not go unnoticed and many more Bashirs have emerged on the scene to take up the fight. He said we will take revenge of this murder by organizing our class to launch a mass movement. Farooq Tariq appreciated the active participation of women in the movement and said no movement can be successful without the participation of women.

Over 100 copies of a speacial edition of Weekly Mazdoor Jeddojuhd was sold at the meeting.

Several more protest meetings have been arganised by the Anjumana Mozareen thorugh out the Punjab province.

report by Sajid Baluch
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