Labour Party Pakistan to help form Socialist Alliance in Pakistan

20-03-2021 By: Farooq Tariq

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Labour Party Pakistan has decided to help form the Socialist Alliance in Pakistan. The decision was taken at the two days meeting of LPP National Committee on 16-17th March held at Lahore. The like minded political parties, trade unions and social organizations will be asked to unite on one platform to fight the next general elections. The elections have been promised by the military regime of Pakistan. The Alliance will also be a vehicle for struggle to fight against capitalist exploitation and neo liberal policies dictated by IMF and World Bank. 

The national Committee meeting was attended, for the first time, representatives from all the four provinces of Pakistan and also from Gilget and Baltistan. 44 comrades including 26 national committee members attended the meeting for two days at LPP office. 

The national Committee of LPP agreed to a report of the trade unions activists belonging to LPP to form a new trade unions federation. The name will be Pakistan Democratic Trade Unions Federation. The unions affiliated with LPP will be joining this new platform. A trade unions committee set up by NC will write in detail the charter of the federation. The federation will be launched within next few months with a national convention of the trade unions affiliated with the federation. 

The National Committee also accepted a document to form a new youth organization in Pakistan. The details of the new youth organization was left to the youth committee that was formed earlier by the NC. The youth committee is discussing proposals for the name of the new youth organization. 

A Peasant committee formed by the NC will write a peasant charter for the creation of the new peasant organization in Pakistan. The leaders of the Anjaman Mozareen Punjab (Tenants organization of Punjab) spoke at the NC explaining the continues struggle of the peasantry for the ownership rights of the peasantry. They thanked LPP for its support to the organization. Several main leaders of the organization have already joined the LPP. 

The NC discussed the new so-called political reforms announced by the military regime. It termed the reforms as cosmetic and rejected the different electoral measures including the condition of graduation for the candidate for national assembly elections.

Following political resolutions were passed by the meeting.

* Musharaf regime would like to install a puppet civil government through the elections to be held in October. Several initiatives have already been taken by the regime to ensure the victory of those politicians who are closely linked with the regime. 

* it seems that a no political party will be ale to have a clear cut majority in the future parliament but the religious fundamentalist if contesting independently may have the balancing power. For that reason, the military regime is continuing its relationship with religious parties as normal. 

* General Musharaf would like to continue as president of Pakistan and would like to take some sort of approval through a referendum that could be announced before the elections. 

* religious fundamentalism will carry out their activities in one or other form despite the recent so-called crack down by the military regime. The regime would also like to preserve the card of the religious fundamentalists, that will be done by having a very soft corner towards some of the serious religious parties. The military wing of the fundamentalist may have been pushed to go deep in underground but the religious fundamentalist will remain a considerable force in future as well. While there seems no possibility of religious fundamentalist coming back to state power but they will remain as force in the political field. it was agreed that religious fanaticism can not be rooted out until the social reasons for the harboring of fundamentalism is been cut. 

* The economic crises of the Pakistan will continue despite all the promises of the Western aid to the military regime. There is going to be no dramatic change in the economy in coming period under capitalism.The military regime while implementing the conditionality of IMF and World Bank is winning a lot of heartedness of the masses. The policies dictated by the international institutions are bringing more poverty and more unemployment for the masses of Pakistan.

* Under these circumstances, it was felt that all the Left forces should be united under one Alliance to put forward an independent alternative to working class against the parties of the rich and religious fanatics. 

* To strengthen the national Committee, three more comrades were co-opted to National Committee. They are Ihsan Ali, secretary Northern Areas High Court Bar Association, Bashir Butter,a labor leader who had lost his job at railway by the present military regime and been instrumental in forming many new movement of the most down trodden masses of Pakistan including the shanty town inhabitants and Nisar Shah from Karachi who have been assigned the post of secretary for the formation of Pakistan Democratic Labour Federation. 

Labour Party national Executive Committee meeting on 18th March under instruction of NC decided to launch a nationwide anti globalization demonstrations. The first one will be organized at Lahore on 30th April, second on 2nd May at Karachi and third demonstration at Hyderabad on 3rd of May. It is expected that many thousands will attend these protest meetings against the onslaught of capitalist globalization in Pakistan. 

It was also decided to launch a movement of the elected counselors on the local issues involved. Counselors Alliances to be formed at the areas where LPP had considerable influence. 

It has also decided that Women Workers Help Line will be organized in other cities alongside with Lahore where WWHL has become the most vocal organization of the working class women in a short space of time. 



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