CRCP seeks solidarity against the imposition of GST on medicines


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Dear Friends,
This is a follow-up of a previous mail containing a press release from Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan (CRCP) condemning the imposition of GST on medicines by the government. It is important to bring out here that there existed a clear understanding between the government and the CRCP that the government would not levy GST on drugs. In march 2000, the Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz had assured that medicines would remain exempt from GST. Now the government has backed out from its pledge, and imposed GST on drugs.

The imposition of GST on medicines, which would result in 15% increase in drug prices would prove disastrous for the poor, since health care is already unaffordable for them. The government is expected to earn Rs. 3 billion annually from it. The government should exercise some restraint in this regard, and should not generate revenue at the cost of the health of the poor people.

Therefore, CRCP has vowed to launch a campaign against it. CRCP has decided to make representations to the Ministries of Health and Finance in order to put across its viewpoint. It is in this regard that CRCP seeks your support and solidarity on the crucial issue. It is hoped that you would join hands with CRCP for its withdrawal.

Abrar Hafeez
Secretary general



LPP (For a democratic socialist Pakistan)

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