Palestinian day of Action in Pakistan 

20 April 2020

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Protest meetings were held on the Palestine day of action in Pakistan at three cities, Lahore Karachi and Islamabad. 

The Lahore demonstration was jointly organized by Labour Party Pakistan and Joint Action Committee for Peoples Rights, an organization comprising 28 social organizations and three political parties. The rally started from Lahore Press Club and was terminated close to American Consulate Lahore. Police stopped the rally to move forward towards the Consulate. The charged participants were raising slogans against the Bush and Sharon Alliance and demanding an immediate end of Palestinian areas occupation by Zionist regime of Sharon. Sharon is new Hitler, killing is no war on terrorism, down with imperialist and Zionist alliance of terror, we demand an immediate withdraw of Israel forces from Palestine, Stop killing, were some of slogans written on the placards.

Speaking on the occasion in front of Lahore Press Club building, I.H. Rashed president Federal Union Of Journalists Pakistan condemned the Israel invasion. " It is ironic that the larger political parties are quite on the occasion and have not taking the streets against the war on Palestine. He said all parties should join together to launch a mass movement against the invasion. Shataj Qazalbash convener of JAC told that American are as much responsible as Israelis for this genocide. "It is an alliance of terror against the innocent Palestinians". she said. 

Farooq Tariq and Shoaib Bhatti, general secretary and chairman of Labour party Pakistan also spoke on the occasion. They said the demonstration is part of an international day of action for Palestine. The decision was taken at Asia Pacific Solidarity Conference held in Sydney over the Easter. They told that we will continue our movement against the American and Israel coalition of terror. They also condemned the military government of Pakistan to keep quite on the occasion. Pakistan should have taken a very firm stand against this genocide. But how can we expect from close of friend of Bush to take this road. they told the audience. Over 300 participated the rally.

The largest circulated Urdu daily Jang Lahore printed a color picture and the report of the demo on the last page of the paper. 

At Karachi over 200 protested in front of Karachi Press Club building. Umer Baluch, Ghulam Akber and Pervaiz Bhatti led the demonstration. They condemned the American alliance with Israel and demanded an immediate end of occupation.

Islamabad demonstration was jointly organized by Labour Party Pakistan and Peoples Rights Movement. 



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