The Punjab Conference of Labor Party Pakistan


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The Punjab Conference of Labor Party Pakistan will be held on 18/19th May 2002 at Humdard Center Litton Road Lahore. Important issues are going to be discussed like the Pakistan perspectives, the strategy for the upcoming general elections, Left Alliance progress, The Punjab LPP building strategies and the elections of the leadership.

This is a delegate conference and LPP activists from the 22 district of Punjab will attend the conference. The conference will also be attended by the main leaders of the peasant movement, Democratic Labor Federation, Women Workers Help Line and Democratic Youth Front. The last LPP Punjab conference was held in September 1999.

On 26/27th April 2002, LPP Sind conference was held at Hyderabad with 103 delegates attending from most of the districts of Sind. It elected Dost Mohammed Channa as Chairman and Umer Baluch as secretary of LPP Sind with Sind Council representing most of the districts.

The national 2nd conference of LPP will be held in October this year after the general elections.

Observers from friendly organizations will also participate in the conference.

Please send the message of solidarity for the conference to be read out in the conference first session on 18th May.

If you want to participate in the conference, please contact us immediately.


Farooq Tariq


LPP (For a democratic socialist Pakistan)

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