Peasantry under Attack once again
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By: Farooq Tariq

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A large numbers of police have encircled the 7 villages at Khanewal district this evening on 8th June at Khanewal district of Punjab. There are reports of six peasant leaders arrested while rest are retaliating the arrests. Several hundreds women are ready to fight the unjustified arrests.

Police from several districts have been called after the local police was unable to arrest the peasant leaders who have decided not to pay any more of the share of crops to the several government owned farms administrations.

This latest police action has come after a high level meeting at Governor House with the governor of Punjab and most of the bureaucrats in the agriculture department. The mayors of two districts also participated. It has been reported in the press that governor was very much angry at the inability of the local administration to deal with the rebellion of the peasantry. The agricultural department misinformed the governor that the movement is dominated by outsider both from political parties and social sector.

This meeting decided to deal with the peasant movement with iron hand. It is ironic that military administration has not forgotten to take revenge from the peasantry at the time when there is war like situation. There is a lot of lessons of patriotism at present and a talk of unity and fraternity. But even at the time of war, the class war against the peasantry is going on.

Military want to stop the growing support for the peasant movement which is growing nationally. On 2nd June, over 6000 peasants participated in a public meeting at Khanewal where Asma Jehangir, former chairperson of Pakistan Human Right Commission of Pakistan was the main speaker. Labor Party Pakistan Punjab secretary Mushtaq Goraya, Assim Akhtar of Peoples Rights Movement were the other main speakers. Asma Jehangir who went to the meeting >from Lahore after five hours of drive was very well received by the >peasantwomen who made up over half of the total gathering. She assured the peasants for her and HRCP support for their just cause. Earlier a delegation of HRCP had visited the Depal Pur district and found a large number of human rights violations against the peasantry.

The peasants movement is led by Anjaman Mozareen Punjab (Punjab Tenants Association). They have shown tremendous courage and have led the first militant peasant struggle for decades in Punjab. There are over half a million peasantry involved in the movement who are cultivating 68000 acres of land. Several government departments claim the ownership rights of the land. But the peasants are cultivating this land for over 100 years and are now demanding ownership right.

It is worth mentioning that General Pervaiz Musharaf assured AMP several times before the referendum hat the land will be handed over to them free of cost. But after the referendum, the story is different and the peasantry is facing all sort of police and private gangsters actions against them. So for, three peasant have been killed, hundreds been arrested and several thousand peasants are facing many unjustified police charges. Their real crime is demanding land ownership rights.

Labor Party Pakistan is appealing to all the international friends and comrades to take up the issue of the peasant movement and send protest emails immediately to General Pervaiz Musharaf demanding an immediate end of the suppression, taking back all the charges, release of all the arrested leaders and fulfilling his own promise of land to the peasants who are working on government land.

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Mr. Khurshid Zaman Qureshi
Minister of agriculture

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Inspector General Police of Punjab


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