The left in India and Pakistan to organise peace rallies on 13th June

By: Farooq Tariq

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Responding a call from the Left parties of Pakistan, the Communist Party of India (ML) Socialist Unity Center of India, CPIML(Red Flag), CPIML (Unity Initiative) have agreed to organise peace demonstrations on 13th June. Demonstration accros India will be held on the day calling for an immidiete end to war like situation, pull back the troops from the borders and an end of imperialist intervention in the region.

At Lahore, there will be a peace demoonstration in front of Lahore Press Club. The representatives of four left parties National Workers Party, Labour Party Pakistan, Communist Mazdoor Kissan party and Pakistan Peoples Party (Shaheed Bhotto) met in Lahore and decided to hold a joint peace rally. Already several national trade unions federations have agreed to support the peace demo.

A call by Labour Party Pakistan to CPIML for the organisation of the peace rallies on the same day was accepted by the leadership and CPIML is now in in discussion with other Left forces to organise joint rallies on the same day acros India.

It will be for the first time in the history of Pakistan and Indian Left parties that there will be rallies on the same day and on the same issue accros Indian sub continent.

Here is a letter of CPIML leadership to LPP.

Pakistan Labour Party
June 9; 2002

Dear Comrade Farooq Tariq
Our party wholeheartedly welcome the timely and bold initiative of Pakistan left parties of June 13 joint demonstration for peace. Your four slogans expresses the aspirations of the people of both Pakistan and India.

Positively responding the four parties call our party decided observe June 13 as anti- war day organize demonstration across the country on the same day on the same slogan, reflecting the single voice of the people across the line of control. In the meanwhile we are working to unite other left Parties , so far four left parties , Socialist Unity Center of India, CPIML(Red Flag), CPIML (Unity Initiative)] have agreed to join with us in the demonstrations. Thus so far four parties has united on June 13 th Demonstration for peace. We are pasting two statements below for your information.

Kindly keep in touch with,
Comradely Yours,
Incharge, International Relations.
CPIML (Liberation)


CPI(ML)'s Reaction on Proposed Deployment of US-UK Troops The reported proposal for the deployment of a US-UK 500-strong helicopter-borne special force to monitor the LoC is deeply disturbing. It seems the much-trumpeted 'success' of India's coercive diplomacy can only be measured in terms of increasing institutionalization of Bush-Blair coalition's intervention in the subcontinent. The CPI(ML) calls upon all peace-loving democratic and patriotic Indians to reject the Bush-Blair move in no uncertain terms.

Both the US and UK are busy fuelling the growing arms race in the subcontinent. They are also guilty of aggravating the war-like build-up in the region by asking their diplomatic staff and other tourists to return. The proposed intervention of Anglo-Yankee armed forces and the suggested pull-out of normal diplomatic staff and other civilian American and British citizens are two sides of the same coin of growing imperialist intervention in the region.

The present crisis follows largely from India's refusal to break the diplomatic deadlock and resume direct bilateral dialogue with Pakistan. With bilateral diplomatic channels being successively closed down and war-hysteria between the two countries reaching a crescendo amidst free exchange of nuclear warnings, the arrogant rulers of India and Pakistan are only inviting greater external interference. Peace-loving people in India and Pakistan must therefore exert greater pressure on their rulers for an early resumption of bilateral dialogue with a view to de-escalating tension and keeping the imperialist powers at bay.

Dipankar Bhattacharya

Demonstration for Peace both in India and Pakistan

Dear Comrades,

It has been decided in consultation with the Left in Pakistan to organize demonstrations for peace in both India and Pakistan on 13 June. Four Left and democratic parties in Pakistan including the National Workers Party, Labour Party of Pakistan, Communist Mazdoor Kisan Party and People's Party (Shaheed Bhutto group) are spearheading this campaign in Pakistan. We should also try and involve other Left parties or democratic organisations in this campaign wherever possible. The main slogans of this anti-war campaign are as follows:

No More War between India and Pakistan Indians and Pakistanis Need Peace and not War India and Pakistan Must Resume Direct Bilateral Dialogue to Defuse Tension Say No to Bush-Blair Imperialist Intervention in the Subcontinent
As part of this Day of Anti-War Action, we should organize peace marches and demonstrations including dharnas and similar forms in all state capitals and major centers. It should be widely propagated that this programme is being held in both India and Pakistan and that it reflects the genuine voice of the peoples of the two countries.


LPP (For a democratic socialist Pakistan)

For further inquiry please contact at


Party Leadership

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