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Anti War Committee Pakistan (AWCP) is organizing a seminar on 8th January at Hotel Fatties Lahore at 3pm against the Bush war on Iraq. The seminar will be attended by the activists of the 27 political and social organizations. The seminar is organized to accelerate the mobilization for the rally on 18th January in Lahore.

Pakistan Peoples Party Shaheed Bhutto, Labour Party Pakistan, Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party, Social democratic Movement, Jemhuri Amn Party, Joint Action Committee, Democratic Labour Federation, Anjaman Mozareen Punjab, Action Aid Pakistan and several more social and political organizations have joined hand to form a united platform Anti War Committee Pakistan.

The Committee is an alliance of the progressive and socialist political parties and radical trade unions and social organizations. It is established to echo the emotions of the working class organization against Bush war on Iraq and against religious fanaticism.

AWCP is mobilizing for the rally on 18th January on the call of Asia Peace Forum. There will demonstration all over the world on the same day. The Committee secretary Furakh Suhail Goindi has called on all the activists of the progressive and left political parties to join hand against the Bush war. He said the voices of religious fundamentalism in Pakistan against the Bush are not for peace but for more war on the name of Islam. We condemn the imperialist forces and also the religious fanatics who are providing the excuses to the imperialism to go for an all out war against the third world countries.

Please send a message of solidaroity fr the ally on 18th January 2003 on this email.


Farooq Tariq
Member coordination committee
Anti War Committee Pakistan


LPP (For a democratic socialist Pakistan)

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