Peoples Will must prevail, Let demonstrate

By: Farooq Tariq

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Even after Dr. Blix report in the UN security council to gain more time for inspections, today on 14th February, it is clear that US and UK imperia1ists are determine to go ahead with the “only option, the War on Iraq”.

The people must repeat “No War on Iraq”. Let’s do what we can do and what is in our power, the power to demonstrate and let us demonstrate today on 15th February a1l over the world in thousands and thousands. That, we do not accept the arguments of US and UK imperia1iasts.

In Pakistan, we will be in the streets in over 20 cities including Lahore, Karachi a1nd Islamabad. Tha1t is hand in hand with over 700 cities of the world demonstrating on the same day.

Join us in Lahore a1t Bukhtiar Labour Ha1l Nesbit Road near Lakhshmi Chouck at 3pm for a demonstration till Lohari Gate.

By Farooq Tariq Member coordination committee Anti War Committee Pakistan


LPP (For a democratic socialist Pakistan)

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