Children’s psychology. What is white noise and why it is necessary to the child?

Rules of children’s psychology are very close to natural laws of life. For example, fixed noise of machines from which the adult can abstract for the child aged up to three years can be the heartrending experience. Thus, child faces with difficulties when trying to get used to the modern world condition, all those sounds and noises.

Oxygen starvation, mechanical methods of obstetric aid and other aggravating circumstance can strengthen painful perceptions of technogenic sounds and affect child’s behavior. The raised property, a bad dream, in that case, becomes an “inexplicable” problem for the mother. However, it is not so difficult to solve this problem. It is only necessary to replace technogenic noise with so-called white.

What is white noise?

White noise for the newborn is the noice equal to background, the main of the tone of which are very strongly similar to noise, habitual for the kid, (which reached when the mother had a kid in a tummy). One of the main rules of the nursery psychologists in relation to the prettiest children says: if a white noise will be in the life of the kid in the first days and weeks after the appearance of the baby on light, the quieter it will be and these days will be less stressful for it. Therefore, do not tiptoe when the newborn baby sleeps, on the contrary — presence of equal noise of a different tonality will have more positive impact on the child, than complete silence. Find more about white noise at

What sounds do comforts the child?

Crying newborn child can be comforted, having swaddled him in a diaper (not hard, but so that movements of its handles did not frighten the baby) and having completely opened the crane with water. It is surprising, but the fact: many children, having heard water noise, very quickly calm down. Naturally, the noise of water from the crane can be replaced with the record. And here paradox: contrary to expectations of mothers, records of singing of birds not so actively affect the child. Such record can be rather effective, but only if a mother had often heard the singing of birds during pregnancy. Whether there is a lot of such mothers among us? However, you should not send to the distant shelf of record of the noise of nature by which you, perhaps, were stocked in advance: time will come (only two-three months) and the grown-up kid will listen to these sounds with pleasure. For the newborn, are better the sounds habitual to it since the period of pre-natal development. That is why it is a good idea to purchase a device that generates white sound. It will allow you to save you and your child health and mental state.