Different Types of Stethoscopes You Need to Know About

To an ordinary person, all medical instruments look the same. However, medical professionals understand that although stethoscopes look the same, they come in different types and have varied functions. Stethoscopes have distinctive features and characteristics. If you would like to buy a stethoscope but you aren’t sure of the available options and brands, you can check out http://www.stethoscopelab.com/ for more information.

Additionally, stethoscopes are also characterized by their usage and head type.

Some of the various types of stethoscopes include:


Acoustic stethoscopes are the most popular and recognizable types of stethoscopes. The Littman Classic iii is an example of acoustic stethoscope that works by transferring sound from the chest piece into the tubes right to the listener’s ears. Furthermore, they have a bell design and feature a classic diaphragm. Both the diaphragm and bell have different uses.

The diaphragm finds high pitch sounds while the bell picks up low frequency noises.

While acoustic stethoscopes are popular, they are not as powerful when used in loud environments. Acoustic stethoscopes are suitable for medical students or nurses.


Fetal stethoscopes monitor developing babies. Previously, people used Pinard Horns to listen to the fetus heartbeat. This was quickly replaced by modern fetal stethoscopes which feature an earpiece.


These type of stethoscopes use electricity to amplify sounds. Although electrical stethoscopes work like normal stethoscopes, they are not suitable for daily use as they need batteries, they are heavy and are expensive. Moreover, when used in a public setting, electronic stethoscopes can pick up noises from other devices.

The good thing with this type of stethoscopes is that they are versatile and an even link them to recording devices.


This is another type of electronic stethoscope. It is mainly used to measure the effect of ultrasound waves. Your organs reflect Doppler waves and this is where the stethoscopes functions. Doppler stethoscopes can monitor moving organs such as your heart. In addition, they can be used to monitor a fetus with a weak heartbeat.

Stethoscopes are an important medical tool that helps medical professionals provide specialized care to their patients. Each type of stethoscope has its own unique characteristics and use.

When inspecting a stethoscope, you should look at the ear piece, mid-section, and the tube. Choosing the right type of stethoscope largely depends on the nature of your job. You can also opt for the Litmann brand as some of their stethoscopes are multi-functional.