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Dear all,

Labour Party Pakistan finance appeal for the shifting of the central secretariat has gone well so for. Several friends and comrades of Labour Party Pakistan have responded to the appeal.

Irfan Mufti (South Africa) John Reimann (UA), Linda Waldren and Ray Flethcher Australia), Iftikharul Haq (Pakistan),Graham Cambell (Scotland), Khaliq Shah (Pakistan), Ammar Ali Jan (Pakistan), Leif Larsson (Sweden), Maqbool Babri and Majbritt Babri (Pakistan), Faryal Vehlmi (UK), Olivier Bonfond (Belgium), Qalanda Dervaish (Pakistan), Felicity Dawling (UK) and Narender Mohan (Australia) have pledged to donate for the finance appeal. We thank all of them. Some more donations from LPP members in Pakistan have been agreed.

We need at least US$2300 to settle at the new place. LPP has no funds that could be used for this. We had to raise it from our friends.

 However, we still have to go further than that. This is once again an appeal to all our friends, comrades and supporters to support the shifting of the Labour Party Pakistan central secretariat. LPP has already moved to the new place which is bigger and healthier than the place we had for the last ten years.

Please contact me if you want to make a donation to this appeal.



Frooq Tariq