How To Get The Best Out Of Instagram As A Tour Guide

Tour companies have always had a challenge when it comes to promoting their products. Take for instance when you want to market your services to potential customers in overseas countries. Do you buy TV space or a page on print media to market your services? How do you track whether your adverts are making an impact in those areas? Social media is a good platform where you can market your products and get results that you are proud of. The visual nature of Instagram makes it one of the most after-sought platforms by tour companies. The following are simple tricks on how to get the best out of this platform

Invest in graphics

People want to see pictures and videos of the areas they would like to visit. No one will be interested in low-quality clips whereas they can get quality ones from competitors. Invest in a good camera if your phone cannot take quality shots. You might even go a step further and hire a professional to take the shots on your behalf. Make sure that you are permitted to use the graphics you post online to avoid copyright issues. You can as well watermark your graphics to protect them from theft and unauthorized use.

Connect with the right people

Marketing on Instagram might not be that easy unless you know how to wade your way and make connections. There are influencers and brand ambassadors that increase the outreach of your posts and make them visible to thousands of followers. You just need to identify a few and send them pitches that can help grow your brand. You can also network with other players in this industry such as hotels and transport companies. Ensure that you have contacts and good links with various departments to speed up processing of documents that you may need.

Boost your fan base

A high number of followers increases your chances of making a sale. It thus means that you have to look for new users, follow them and encourage follow backs. The experience can be tiresome but you can escape the hard part through automation. You can check spire for an in-depth explanation of what it takes to buy followers and how they will impact your growth. Your efforts should not stop there because you have to keep them engaged. Encourage your followers to comment and like your posts as this attracts other people from far.