Why Should Homeowners Install Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are structures that are placed on top of the gutter troughs in order to keep the debris from getting in. Homeowners can have the gutter guards installed during routine gutter repair and maintenance. Leading gutter repairs London companies can do the installations. While the guards have a high installation cost on the front end, the benefits of these guards can simply not be overlooked.

So, what are the benefits of gutter guard installations? What do they offer the average homeowner?

Less clogging and complications thereof

Gutter troughs are usually open. As time goes by, the troughs are filled with leaves and debris since they are exposed to the harsh elements.

A clogged gutter is a disaster waiting to happen. When the gutter trough is clogged, water from snow and rain will have nowhere to go. It will therefore fall to the ground, cause back-splashes, soil erosion, and even basement flooding and structural damage.

In addition, clogged gutters prevent water from moving and therefore lead to creation of stagnant water pools. Such pools offer the perfect breeding grounds for insects such as mosquitoes. Insects of such nature can cause plenty of health problems.

Gutter guards are a good choice for any homeowner looking to reduce gutter repairs. The guards will prevent most leaves and debris from falling into the gutter troughs. This in turn will help reduce clogging and all its implied problems.

Less gutter maintenance

The more debris a gutter trough gets the more maintenance the homeowner will have to do. It is the only way to keep clogging at bay. The dangers of ignoring a clogged gutter are just too many.

Since gutter guards will cut down on the amount of debris that gets into the gutter troughs, it means that there will be less clogging for the homeowner to deal with. This in turn ensures that the number of times the gutter will need repairs and maintenance will go down. In fact, maintenance can be done only once or twice a year in homes where the gutter guard has been installed.

Less rusting and complications thereof

All metals need in order to get rust is moisture and air. Gutter troughs usually have access to both; especially those with clogging issues.

When a gutter trough is clogged, the wet debris will force moisture to be in contact with the metal for longer. Coupled with air, the water in the gutter trough will begin to cause corrosion.

Rusty troughs are a bad thing since they contaminate the water. It becomes unusable. In addition, rust will cause damage to the trough, and let water through. This in turn will cause structural damage to the home.

What gutter guards do is to prevent debris from accumulating to such an extent that it prevents water flow in the gutter trough. This in turn helps the trough dry off faster thus reducing the likelihood of corrosion. Homeowners will therefore not have to replace the gutter trough completely, simply to keep contamination and structural water damage at bay.


The above are by no means the only benefits of gutter guard installations. However, they provide homeowners with an accurate picture of how gutter guards can reduce the need for repair and maintenance in any home. The best gutter repairs London professionals would be willing to install the guards or suggest a company that will. That is what good customer care service is all about.