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 By: farooq tariq
 I just arrived back to Pakistan safely after six days in Sri Lanka. This
 morning, I was told by Nimalka Fernando and Balakrishna by telephone
 that Sri Lanka police is looking for me. At the time, I was in Kendi
 attending "Imagine a New South Asia conference".
 Nimlka told me that police has come to her house to look for me. However
 she said that comrade Wasudeva is taking care of the case and is in
 contact with police.
 Earlier Balakrishna has been calling and sending sms to contact him
 urgently. When I called back, he informed me about police raids.
 Police had also gone early morning on 23 July at Sugadadasa sports hotel
 where all nine Pakistan comrades were residing. They were asked my
 whereabouts. Comrades refused to tell police about me and flately told
 police that they do not know where I am.
 The police told Farooq Ahmad at the hotel that Farooq Tariq has spoken
 against Sri Lanka government actions to demolish the houses of over 700
 families. They told him that a television channel has broad casted his
 That was a fact.
 I had gone along to Slave Island area of Colombo as part of a Peoples
 SAARC delegation. The delegation included Dr. Sarba, Shermila Kerki and
 others. This was to express solidarity with the locals whose houses were
 demolished on an incredible excuse, "the area is giving a dirty look and
 Manmohan Sing can watch the area from his room. This was Sri Lanka
 police preparation for SAARC meeting starting 25 July. Manmohan Sing,
 General Musharaf and other head of states are attending the Summit.
 There were some journalists accompanying us during the visit. One of the
 tv channel asked me some questions and I replied in the presence of
 hundreds of those effecties. There was an instant clap as I finished my
 talk expressing full solidarity.
 Early this morning at Kendi, comrade Sarath told me that he has watched
 my interview. He commented that it was a power full expression of
 While at Kendi, I informed Rashid Tutumir, Shshuvan Dher, Nur Kabir
 about my possible arrest.
 They assured full support.
 In the meantime, comrade Wasudeva has met the police officer and settled
 that I will appear before police with him and record my statement.
 I agreed with the suggestion and thought better to appear than to be
 arrested at airport.
 After I left for Colombo, I was called by police. He was asking several
 questions. Who I am, am I member of parliament, who took me at the
 I told him that comrade Wasu took me to the sight, I am not yet a member
 of parliament. I also told him that I am on my way to airport and plan
 to leave Sri Lanka today. He said that he may call me if needed.
 Earlier comrade Nimalka asked me to go to airport directly as things are
 settling cool.
 At the Colombo airport, Pakistani comrades were waiting for me eagerly
 and asking details of why police so serious on my tv interview.
 As I crossed the immigration desk, I called Maharuf about the safe exit
 and sent sms to other friends.
 Iqbal Haider, Co chairperson of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, who
 was travelling in the same flight has condemned the Sri Lankan police
 harassment and is sending a formal letter of protest.