Message of solidarity from Sweden
From: Johnny Andersson

To all peacelovers in the world, specially in Pakistan!

We are following your patient work for peace and against aggressiv politik wherever it comes from. Respect, Freedom, Equality and Cooperation have to come for every human being and every people. We are as angry as You about the imperialistic threat of aggression. We support Your peaceful struggle of all our hearts!

When we hade a big meeting with the participants in all our courses about the european questions, if Sweden shall be a member of the European monetary union EMU, change money from swedish crowns to euro, and so on, and we had the former vice prime minister on a visit as guest lecturer, there was a massiv critic about the united states war preparations. Very much of the questions and diskussions was about USA, Iraq, the imperialistic oil interests and how the people must suffer because of the economic interests of a few men with too much power.

We are living om the same planet as You and we admire Your work!

FiA Folkhögskolan i Angered, Sweden

Johnny Andersson

Message of solidarity from Belfast
From: Margaret Quinn

Dear Farooq,

Just a note of solidarity and good luck from Ireland for the Pakistan Demos tomorrow. May the streets be filled with marching feet, and may the chants rise to the heavens:


My Prayers and Best Wishes,

Margaret Quinn.

Message of solidarity from John Pilger

Dear Farooq Tariq
Delighted to hear from you, and of course I support you and your comrades. I could come to Pakistan later in the year. Would you like me to propose some dates later on? Perhaps you could give me a reminder in late April? I would appreciate that.

Here is my message of support:

"I send my greetings to the Anti War Committee Pakistan. I can think of no other country where campaigning against a barbaric attack on Iraq is more important than Pakistan. Pakistan is at the centre of American war planning. It was part of the American attack on Afghanistan, and Washington will expect Islamabad to support when it drops its cluster bombs on Iraq. I admire you people immensely. We in the West don't need the courage that you people of principle must have in your everyday political lives. I admire you and I am honoured to regard myself as one of your comrades. All power to you!"

John Pilger


Message of solidarity from Amtul Naheed, a Pakistani immigrant worker in Canada
From: amtul naheed
dear farooq,
i just want to express my great solidarity with Anti War committee of Pakistan and their associates. i feel not a single woman of the world wants war, due to any reason and in any part of the world.

we here in the city of Calgary are having a damonstration on Friday 17th of january 2003 which will end up at candleight vigil. My best wishes for the success of yours/ours struggle for the world peace.


Message of solidarity from Socialist Workers Initiative, SAI, Germany
To comrade Farooq and the whole antiwar movement in Pakistan
Berlin, 8th of January 2003

Dear comrades,
we send you solidary greetings and congratulations for your decision to make unitary actions to stop the Bush war against Iraq. Without doubts the action day on 18th of January called by the Asian Peace Forum will help to bring forward the necessary and growing movement against the wars of imperialism which aim to preserve his domination all over the world. Also in Germany the antiwar-movement is growing and it is very important for us to be able to show that also in the so called Islamic countries the progressive democratic and socialist forces have a very clear position against this aggression and are in the first line of this battle. It is very important to stop the imperialist offensive which actually is not only aiming against Iraq but also Palestine or Venezuela, and nearly all working people and countries of the world. Your actions are very important, also because they allow to improve the links of all democratic and socialist forces all over the world. For example in Latin America the decision of people to liberate themselves from neoliberal politics led for the first time to the victory of Workers Party and Lula in the last elections. The antiglobalisation movement mobilised last month more than one million people in Florence, Italy, with main slogans against the war, and now will have an other important step with the 3rd World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In Venezuela poor people are every day more convinced to stop the intention of a putsch of the oligarchy which is supported by the USA who want as in Iraq the complete control over the rich oil resources.

We are sure that with your clear opposition to the war and an you will find the sympathy and support of million of people who feel each day more clearly that there will be no solution for their daily problems without defeating imperialism completely.

Stop the imperialist war!
For the unity of workers, farmers, and poor people all over the world!

Socialist Workers Initiative, SAI, Germany



LPP (For a democratic socialist Pakistan)

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