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Labour Party Pakistan Lahore launches Doo Rupia Tehrik (Two Rupees Movement)

Report: Farooq Tariq

LPP Lahore has decided today in an aggregate to launch Doo Rupia Tehrik. This is to demand a minimum of Two Rupees bus fare in Lahore and a maximum of five Rupees to any distance inside Lahore. Local transport was privitised during the end nineties and privates buses of several companies were introduced for local travel. The private busses have increased the minimum fare from Rupees two to seven Rupees and a maximum of sixteen Rupees. The private buses in Lahore are mainly owned by several provincial and federal ministers under Musharaf.

This increase on regular basis has put the working people of Lahore on a very difficult situation. There are fights and arguments on every bus at any time in Lahore on the question of price increase and other issues related to their travel.

The movement will be launched by formation of the committees on all the routs. It will campaign against the privatization of the public transport, against the monopolization of the routs, lowering of the fare, concession for elderly and youth and more space for women passengers.

A 22 member committee was formed today for the launch of the Doo Rupia Tehrik. The Committee will meet on Wednesday 12th April at Lahore to chart out the strategy for the movement. It has already agreed on the main issues related to the movement. It was decided that initially, the LPP Lahore will start the Tehrik and try to bring more and more people to take the responsibilities on the Tehrik. Do Rupia Tehrik will be the name of the movement. It will be a broad base platform and anyone wanting to fight the privatization of the local transport or wanted to bring down the fare will be encouraged.

The idea generated a rich discussion on the issue and LPP Lahore is gearing up to a new challenge. It was said today in the meeting that LPP has helped to launch the Peasant movement in Okara, a success story so for, LPP helped the Bhatta union to fight for an end of Peshgi system, a brilliant success, LPP Lahore will now take up a challenge in Lahore and will do its best.

It was also mentioned that big parties have refused to take up the fight for the real issues of the masses. It has to be done although LPP is a small force.

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