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May Day Celebrated Across Pakistan

Report: Farooq Sulehria

May Day celebrated across Pakistan.Thousands participated in LPP-backed rallies

Labour Party Pakistan and National Trade Union Federation Pakistan celebrated May Day 2007 across Pakistan . Thousands of activists participated along with other trade unions organizations in different demonstrations and rallies.

In Karachi , over 1000 attended a Labour Party Pakistan rally from Regal Chock to Karachi Press Club. Police tried to stop the rally but the demonstrated resisted and completed its rout that announced already. They were carrying hundreds of red flags.

In a province governed by the religious fanatics, LPP was able to organize the largest gathering of the town in Sawat. The May Day public meeting was attended by over 600 who were mainly the union activists. Waving red flags in a province controlled by religious fundamentalist was a great step forward in mobilizing the progressive forces.

In Qasur a border city in Punjab, over 500 attended the rally organized by several trade unions supported by Labour party Pakistan . Comrade Maqsood Mujahid and Choudry Imtiaz, national committee members were the main speakers at the rally. This was the largest rally of the town.

In Lahore National trade Union Federation, an organization supported by LPP joined the main rally of Pakistan Workers Confederation. A day earlier, on 30th April, over 1500 packed one of the largest hall of Lahore, the Mehfil Theater. The event was organized by Women Workers Help Line and Labour Education Foundation jointly in connection with May Day. This was the largest indoor gathering of the country organized in relation to May Day.

In Faisalabad , over 500 attended a public meeting and a rally organized jointly by National Workers Party, Labour Party Pakistan and Labour Qaumi Movement.

In Karachi , National Trade Union Federation organized a public meeting in connection with May day attended by over 1200 trade union activists and leaders. They were addressed by leaders of various political parties including Labour Party, Peoples Party and National Party.

In Toba Tek Singh, over 300 attended by a public meeting and a rally addressed by leaders of National Workers Party and Labour Party Pakistan.

In Moro Sind, over 200 attended a LPP rally that made a round of the city center. A public meeting at Neshero Feroz district in Sind , LPP activists along bhatta workers criticized the policies of the present government and demanded a living wage of Rupees 10,000 a month.

Similar meetings were organized in Nawab Shah, Mir Pur Khas and Sanghar by Labour Party Pakistan.

In all the meetings and rallies, the speakers expressed full solidarity with lawyer’s movement for justice and democracy. They criticized the policies of IMF, World Bank and WTO and asked to workers to rise up against the neo liberal agenda. They spoke against the military regime corruption and vowed to fight for a democratic socialist Pakistan . They paid rich tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and criticized the government that it has increased the working hours from 8 hours to 12 hours a day.

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