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Awami Jamhoori Tehreek

By Farooq Tariq

KARACHI, April 21: Six political parties and groups with left orientation have announced formation of Awami Jamhoori Tehreek to launch a movement against politics of status quo and lay the foundation for a true federal, parliamentary and democratic order in the country.

This decision was announced on Friday by Pakistan Mazdoor Kisan Party chief Afzal Khamosh at Karachi Press Club. The representatives of five other component of the AJT were also present. They were Abid Hasan Minto of National Workers Party, Rasool Bux Palejo of Awami Tehreek, Farooq Tariq of Labour Party Pakistan, Tufail Abbas of Pakistan Mazdoor Mohaz, Taj Maree of Inqilabi Jamhoori Workers Committee and veteran progressive leader Mairaj Mohammad Khan.

Mr Minto explained the aims and objectives of the AJT, saying the feudal, chieftains, Waderas and tribal system were the fundamental forces which had blocked all roads to progress and prosperity.

They had acquired such a dominant role in politics and assemblies that no political party could function without them. The establishment and the army had joined hands with them as absentee landlords by acquiring government lands.

He said during last 50 years it was establishment and the army bureaucracy which had been ruling the country with full control over internal, external and economic policies to safeguard their interests. Through 8th and 17th amendments the constitution had been reduced to an ineffective document which was neither federal nor parliamentary.

“Today the situation is that the president in uniform and his army advisors have assumed all powers of internal and external affairs to the extent that constitution, democracy, rights of people, federation and parliament find themselves helpless before the establishment.

Mr Minto said the world capitalist system through IMF, World Bank and WTO agreements had taken the entire world, the third world countries in particular, in its grip which had deep impact over economy, administrative and legal framework so much so that our budget and taxes system were framed with their consultation.

He said that under the garb of globalization the world capitalist system through multi-national companies had been exploiting resources and cheap labour of the third world countries to its advantage, trade union rights were being trampled which had resulted in increasing unemployment and turning our country into a consumer market.

The AJT was formed to highlight these issues and break the silence and unconcern attitude form the level of masses and give a new direction to the politics in the country.

Rasool Bux Palejo said that formation of AJT was a timely decision which had provided a forum to all progressive people to unite under its banner to launch a movement for resolution of problems.

He said those who used to give the impression that the capitalist system had now come to stay should not forget Iraq and Afghanistan where class war and national war were going on. Miraj Mohammad Khan said today’s Pakistan was standing on crutches of IMF, World Bank and WTO because of the total grip of feudal over entire system which had been tailored to serve establishment, bureaucracy and feudal lords. They were in fact obstacle in the way of industrial revolution, progress and defence of the country. He said our basic purpose was to launch struggle against prevailing social order and lay the foundation for an egalitarian system.

Warning against use of force to crush people striving for their rights, he said the government could not run the federation through use of force.

“Pakistan is heading towards a grave anarchy which could only be avoided by holding dialogues,” he said and pleaded for devolution of power from centre to the provinces without which he warned the country could dismember.

Tufail Abbas said the dream of true democracy in the country could not be materialised without revolutionary struggle and unity of peasants and workers.

Farooq Tariq announced solidarity with the kiln workers, who were on strike and demanded release of arrested workers of Punjab Mazare (peasants) Association.

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