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Protest Against Shifting of Balakot City

By Farooq Sulehria

Thousands protest against shifting of Balakot city, help the victims

Over five thousands protesters demanded at Balakot not to shift th city to another place. The military authorities have decided to shift the destructed city of Balakot to a new place. Munir Hussain, the union council nazim of Garlaat led the demonstrators. While speaking on the occasion he said, “we have no trust on the military rehabilitation authorities. They have done nothing for the last six months and they will just shift us to a new place without any proper arrangements. Why can not they build houses that are earthquake proof. Why they want to displace us where we have lived for centuries, he told the demonstrators”. He said whole area is here to tell the military government that we are not moving anywhere.

Earlier on 8th April, the Balakot rehabilitation authorities formally announced that Balakot is in red area and we have to shift the whole city to a new place. This led to a widespread wave of anger among the locals who have lost most of their loved ones during the earthquake of 8th October 2005.

Munir Hussain also spoke to a Labour Education Foundation seminar “globalization and anti globalization” on 1st of April at Lahore Press Club to tell the audience that they will not accept the decision to shift the whole city. Labour Party Pakistan announced a full solidarity with the locals of Balakot area and announced that their voices will be spread all over Pakistan and internationally.

To help in this matter, please call Munir Hussain union nazim Gurlaat 0300 5611953 or Amir Suhail, journalist 03009466706, both are based in Balakot

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