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Faroorq Tariq Detained for 3 Months

Faroorq Tariq detained for 3 months, sent to Bahawalpur Jail

Lahore: General Secretary Labour Party Pakistan Farooq Tariq who was arrested on 5 June from his residence without warrants, Thursday (June 7) sent to Bahawalpur Jail after the issunace of 3-month detention orders by the home secretary Punjab. Farooq Tariq's detention is a part of recent state crack down on political activists and workers in the backdrop of lawyers and mediamen movement against Mushrraf regime. Through out the country hundreds of political workers have been arrested and cases have been lodged on thousands others. According to the police reply submitted before the court, Farooq has been arrested under section 16 of Maintinance of Public Order.

Meanwhile, the jail authorities in Bahawalpur have refused to allow visitors to see Farooq Tariq as party members and workers wanted to see him. It may be mentioned that Bawalpur is 8-hour travel from Lahore and the purpose of shifting him to Bahawalpur is based on malafidie and to stop visitors to see him. According to authorities meetnig with Farooq can only be arranged after a written permission from the home secretary, which is sheer violation of constitutionl and fundamental rights.
Labour Party Pakistan condemns jail authorities attitude and demands to allow visitors to see Farooq Tariq in Jail. In the background of the situation, along with countrywide protests it has also been decided to challenge Farooq Tariq detention in the Lahore High Court.

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