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Inhuman Treatment to Farooq Tariq by Jail Authorities

LAHORE: Farooq Tariq and other political prisoners in central jail Bahawalpur are facing inhuman conditions imposed by the jail authorities. 10 to 12 prisoners have been bundled in every room with severe lack of food, water and latrine facilities in a high temperature these days, ranging from 48 to 50 degree centigrade. Political prisoners are not being treated according to the jail rules, Farooq said as quoted by Mr. Saeed, Farooq's elder brother who visited him in jail on Wednesday. It may be recalled that no body is allowed to meet Farooq in jail without prior permission of the Home Secretary.

According to Farooq, quoted by Saeed, he was given mental torture constantly as after arrest on June 5 he was driven on unknown roads and places for more than two hours. Despite his repeated queries police did not speak to him and gave threatening expressions. Again on June 9 he was alone taken to Bahawalpur in a truck. During an 8 hour journey he was not even allowed to a make phone call to his family. The purpose of taking him alone was nothing but to give mental torture. There is enough evidence that 6 other political prisoners were also taken from Lahore to Bahawalpur the same day in a separate truck.

After reaching jail the authorities just dumped him along with other political prisoners in a room. They were denied access to information and other basic needs. As a protest Farooq and other political prisoners went on token hunger strike against this inhuman treatment of jail authorities. On which jail authorities showed a bit relaxation in their attitude.

Meanwhile Labour Party Pakistan has condemned the ill treatment to Farooq Tariq and other political prisoners in jail and appealed to all human rights activists to protest against the severe violations of fundamental human rights in Pakistan. LPP has also challenged the detention of Farooq Tariq in Lahore High Court on Tuesday and renowned lawyer Abid Hassan Manto is going to plead the case on Thursday.

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