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Labour Party Pakistan National Conference 2007

BY: Farooq Tariq

Labour Party Pakistan will now hold its fourth national conference on 8/9th December 2007 at Lahore. The two day conference had been postponed two times during the year. It has been decided to hold the conference at any cost. It will not be postponed, even if a new round of repression starts by then.

The conference was originally scheduled for 20-23rd March 2007. It was postponed to take part effectively in the advocate’s movement. The decision paid off. LPP participation in the advocate movement is very well appreciated by many among the movement. Several comrades were arrested during the movement and LPP took part in almost all the demonstrations of the advocate movement across the country.

The conference was then scheduled for second time on 9/10/11th November 2007, but this had to be postponed due to the large scale arrests of the political activists after General Musharaf declared emergency on 3rd November.

The conference political document is been discussed by the units of LPP in different part of the country. The units will also elect the delegates to represent their areas in the congress.

The political agenda include:

1: International Perspectives:

2: Pakistan presents political and economical situation and perspectives:
3: Need for Study Circles:
4: Labour Party Pakistan organization Report and priorities

5: Elections: National Committee

the LPP conference will also vote some of the constitutional amendments proposed to improve the LPP internal democracy. It include proposal that no office bearer of the LPP will be elected for more than two terms that is four years.

It will also discuss the proposals to change the structure of the office bearers. The proposal is made by the National Committee of LPP to the congress that in future only secretaries should be elected, it include elections of secretary Labour, Peasant, Youth and Women and general secretary. They will also elect a spokesperson at national level.

The congress proceedings will be in Urdu but there will translations available in English language.

We will be very happy if you could send a message of solidarity to the congress to be read out in the congress. If you have already sent one, please ignore this appeal.

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