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Left Leads the Way Against Military Dictatorship in Pakistan

BY: Farooq Tariq

Over 200 activists and leaders from different Left parties have been arrested during the first 12 days of the emergency. The different parties belonging to Awami Jamhoori Tehreek (Peoples Democratic Movement) are in the forefront of the movement to overthrow the military regime in Pakistan.

The AJT is an alliance of seven Left parties and groups. The activists and leaders of Awami Tehreek (Peoples Movement), National Workers Party and Labour Party Pakistan have been arrested during the movement alongside with other political parties.

The Awami Tehreek (Peoples Movement) is in the lead among the Left parties in the movement. Over 140 activists of Awmai Tehreek have been arrested during the last four days in almost all the districts of Sindh. The Awami Tehreek leader Rasul Buksh Paleejo is in underground and police is been haunting him. His houses and offices have been raided several times. The AT has launched a movement of courting arrests in every district of Sind.

The general secretary National Workers Party Akhtar Hussain advocate, seniour vice president of NWP Yousaf Masti Khan, Nisar Shah advocate chairperson of Labour Party Pakistan are among the arrested 200 activists of the AJT. Bilal Minto, son of Abid Hassan Minto, convener AJT and president National Workers Party was one of the first social activists arreste at Human Rights Commission of Pakistan meeting on 4th November. LPP national committee member Azra Shahd and Khalid Malik of Labour Education Foundation were also among the arrested 60 social activists.

This is not first time that Left has taken a lead in the struggle against militarization and imperialism. It has been always in the front lines of the movement against the military dictatorships.

Please find below a detail of the strategy of the AT.

Heroes of Awami Tahreek (AT) repeat the History of MRD

During last three days of "Anti Emergency Movement" launched by Awami
Tahreek (Peoples Movement) more than 140 party workers have presented
themselves for arrests. Repeating the History of Movement for Restoration of Democracy (MRD), AT has been holding hundreds of protest demos, sit-ins and rallies in different districts, cities and towns of Sindh (Pakistan) for:

1- Lifting of Emergency & PCO
2- Release & restoration of judiciary, lawyers, journalists & activists.
3- Freedom of Media
Several thousands of Sindhi men and women came on roads against Emergency imposed by General Mushraf in Hyderabad, Sukkur, Mirpurkhas, Dadu, Garho, Karachi, Dahon Mail Mori, Gupchani, Kakar, Suhrab Goth, Dadharko Farm, Dhabechi, Deaee, Larkana, Chodughee, Nawabshah, Khadro, Soomar Chanar, Ibrahim Haidri, Khorwah, UmerKot, Mithi, Jungshahi, Nao Kot, Bhirya, Tarai, Jam Sahib, Tharoo Shah, Moya, Wahi Pandhi, Daro, Pehlwan Goth Karachi, Bhit Shah, Seree, Kotdeji, Thul, Garhi Yasin, Qasimabad, Gharo and other cities, villages and towns of Sindh under the call of Awami Tahreek (AT). They were chanting "Musharaf wazey ker ailan…Wardee ghurje? Pakistan?", "Chief asaan jo……..Iftkhar", "PCO to saan….jhero aa", "tho Sindh sukaeen ….jhero aa", "O general tosan…jhero aa". The well-planned short marches and sit-ins paralyzed the govt mechanism and brought the momentum of mass resistance at
its peak.

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