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Tariq Ali´s "Clash of Fundamentalism" in Urdu
The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity by Tariq Ali is available now in Urdu translation (Buniadparastion ka tasadum).

In this important book, Tariq Ali puts the events of September 11 into historical perspective. Already translated in almost a dozen languages, this wide-ranging book blends history, literature, politics and autobiography to challenge the conformist culture of our times.

Published by Jeddojuhd Publications, the book will be available across the country at major book stores. A copy can be ordered by writing to:

Javed Bhatti

Jeddojuhd Publications

40 Abbot Road Lahore


About Tariq Ali

Tariq was born in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1943. Later at Government College Lahore, Tariq Ali was elected President of the Young Students' Union. He organised public demonstrations against Pakistan's military dictatorship and had to go in exile. He came to Britain and studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Exeter College, Oxford.

Joining the University Labour Club, he was a committed member of its Socialist Group before becoming President of the Oxford Union in 1965. With the Vietnam war at its height, Tariq Ali earned a national reputation through debates with figures like Henry Kissinger. After one of these was televised in the United States, the actor Marlon Brando invited Tariq to dinner.

He became a leader of the International Marxist Group (IMG). Tariq Ali quit the IMG later and since has devoted himself to writing books, newspaper articles and polemical commentary on social and political matters. Still a radical, he has remained at the forefront of anti-war campaigns. Conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Serbia have all led Tariq to speak out.

Tariq Ali is a longstanding editor of New Left Review and has written more than a dozen books on history and politics. He also has been working on two sets of novels. Three novels of the "Islamic Quintet" have been published by Verso: Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree, The Book of Saladin, and The Stone Woman. They portray Islamic civilization in a way that he says "run counter to the standard views." His "Fall of Communism" trilogy has seen the publication of Redemption and Fear of Mirrors.

He is also a noted broadcaster, reassessing the developing world on Channel Four's Bandung File and collaborating on stage plays with Howard Brenton and on a film about the philosopher Wittgenstein with the late Derek Jarma.

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